Wednesday, March 17, 2010

march seventeen :: 91 weeks old / 21 months old


Mack is 91 weeks old today which makes him 21 months old today. Three months until his birthday. Three.
Sean wanted to show you that he got a new sweater too today.
(Don’t worry I dressed them in green to go to daycare).

Today this is what I had to tackle. (That’s not even all of it – there was one more load drying in the dryer as I took this picture). The never ending pile of laundry. 4 people, lots of laundry. That’s probably about 8 loads to fold in this picture. Took me all day and a lot of getting sidetracked, but now I can go to bed with it all folded (will put it away in tomorrow, as I can’t go into the kids rooms now). Is it just for me, or does the laundry never end for you too??


I baked some brownies today. Decorated them with some St-Patrick’s Day goodness. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I was going out with my new knitting & crochet circle tonight over to someone’s house, and didn’t want to go empty handed. While out, I worked on Sean’s Sweater front. It’s coming along. I thought I’d have more time to work on it today, but unfortunately the laundry was more important, so I didn’t finish the front today. Maybe tomorrow.


People were wearing green items today (I forgot to wear green, as a tad disorganized when I left the house today).

My friend has these really neat mirrors on her wall in her living room. I thought they were so neat, I had to take a picture of some of them. (There was actually more on the wall on either side of these center ones. She had gotten the idea out of a magazine once, and over the years started to collect mirrors. I thought it was really nice. Mirrors are really fun to use as decoration.

I’ve been trying to figure out lately how I ended up with over 700+ people on my facebook list. I didn’t realize that I knew that many people. Almost 98% of my list are people that I’ve actually met. For example, someone I don’t know is Cynthia and she’s on my list, but we’re meeting this Spring. (YEY! I can’t wait). I think I may have one other pen pal from the 6th grade on my list that I still keep in touch with, whom I’ve never met. Anyhow…! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing some spring cleaning. I realized that a lot of the huge list was people I’d met over the years in either one of the 2 high schools I attended. (One was from grades 7-9 and the other I went to for grades 10 & 11 and graduated there after the 11th grade – yes, in Quebec we don’t have the 12th or 13th grade (I think Ontario just got rid of their 13th grade if I’m not mistaken?) I also was very involved in a youth group as a teenager, meeting people not only in my own city, but in others. I’ve managed to remove about 40% of my list rather than hiding their feeds (because I really didn’t care that they just ordered a pizza for dinner). It feels good to clean up the list. (Less mind-clutter). Now, trying to figure out how to weed more from the remaining people.

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Tara said...

Hey girl! OK, the innernets is incredibly slow here at work and it keeps eating up my Bloglines feed, so I'm just going to pick up from here and work my way back! Happy St-Paddy's Day!!!

Knit Girl said...

Your new knit group looks like a lot of fun! The brownies look delicious. I wish I lived closer to you so I could join in!

Also - thanks for the pampers points. Very appreciated!

dawn said...

Yeah the laundry never ends in my house either.

Big Girl Feet said...

I can't wait to meet you too! And yes, even with 2 people, we have never-ending laundry- ugh!

Bea said...

Wow that's a lot of laundry. We don't have as much around here. I'm not on facebook happily. I don't think I'd ever go if I had 700 people on it.

g-girl said...

goodness gracious. i stopped breathing for a moment when i saw the amount of laundry you had to fold!! the brownies look yummy. i nearly forgot to wear green myself. i agree. mirrors are a great way to decorate!