Friday, March 12, 2010

march twelve

I kept Sean home from school today as he woke up this morning still coughing. He had been hacking all night last night. So just to be safe, I kept him with me today. Though, I had to go into work today for a bit.


I asked him (while getting organized) to bring me 5 diapers from his drawer so that I can pack it in the bag that I took with to work. This is what he came downstairs with. While he knows how to count to 20, and knows what 5 is, he brought me down 17 diapers. Silly kid. Some were his & some were from Mack’s drawer too. I got a good laugh from this.


Sean convince our store manager to do some puzzles with him while mommy worked. I took care of anything that was urgent before calling it a day. Sean was really good while I was there.I brought some things to keep him busy while I worked and that was a huge success.


This evening I baked a meatloaf for dinner as per Sean’s request. It was so huge that we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, probably lunch on Sunday as well. Meatloaf (with lean meat) is a healthy & inexpensive meal to make. We served it for dinner tonight with whole grain long wild rice & salad. (And both boys like meatloaf).

Tonight, Sean didn’t eat dinner though even if he requested the meal. He said he wasn’t feeling well and asked to lie down on the couch. He passed out. When we went to move him to his bed (and change his diaper & put his pj’s on) we realized that he had a fever, so I gave him tempra and he fell back asleep. He must have been so out of it, we’ve never had him sleeping this early (then again he had no nap today, but he never naps at home on weekends anymore, and he usually stays up later than when he went to bed tonight.

This evening I worked some more on La Novia. I’m currently in the middle of the 18th repeat. (6 rows in each repeat). This makes the scarf approximately 12.5 inches unblocked. I want to work on Sean’s sweater, so I will get to sketching out the logo for it this weekend. It’s on my to-do-list. It’s a must. I want to get it done for him to wear already.


carolyn said...

I'm sorry to hear that Sean is sick! Poor guy.

Big Girl Feet said...

Mmmmm meatloaf is one of my faves- it makes fab sandwiches for lunch the next day too!!
I hope Sean is feeling better soon!

Amelah said...

Meat loaf looks good. Hope Sean feels better soon. I don't think Frankie needs much convincing to do puzzles!

Tara said...

Is there anything better than meatloaf sandwiches (with lots and mayo and onions, yum!)? Sorry to hear Sean was feeling sick and didn't get to enjoy it, though.

Bea said...

I guess since I have days and days of posts left to read I'll find out if he's sick or not. I sure hope not or that its at least passed already.

g-girl said...

poor kid. didn't even get to enjoy his meatloaf! hopefully he got to eat some the next day. hope he feels better soon. :)