Sunday, March 14, 2010

march fourteen

This morning Sean pulled a “Robyn”. He’s so my child. 150% me. Don’t get me wrong, he has a lot of characteristics that are Jamie as well, but he’s so my child. You see, he helped daddy prepare the eggs to make French Toast this morning. Before Jamie was allowed to take them to use them, he insisted (on his own, no prompting from me – I was sitting at the kitchen table with Mackenzie already) that he HAD to take a picture of the eggs before Jamie was allowed to take them. Yep. That’s me. So what I’d do. That’s my boy!


He loves the camera that he got for his birthday.


And even took a picture of me taking a picture of him.
This is an actual real digital camera (for kids, obviously, by Little Tikes).
I can’t wait to dump them to my computer and see what he’s taken!


The boys were so cute this afternoon.
Sean kept saying “Mack come sit on my lap, I’ll read you a story”.


It was so sweet.


They even posed for a few photos.

It was all nice & cute until they ended up sitting on each other.

Brushing teeth is a huge thing in our house, the kids are just obsessed with brushing. No complaints here. I usually have to pry them away from the sink, and get fights that they want to keep brushing. They ask 10 times a day to brush their teeth. Is there something magical in the kiddie toothpaste that is luring them in? I’d like to know!

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner, of course Sean insisted he HAD to bring along his camera. Yep, he’s definitely my child, 150%. (I don’t leave home without at least one of my cameras!)


I started making progress on the front of Sean’s sweater.


All proud with my progress, I got to almost the end of the CANADA name under the logo and then realized… That the back piece I’d done stripes on the bottom above the ripping to match their jerseys. Whoops. Into the frog pond. Re-stared it tonight. Progress photos tomorrow.


Manicmag said...

Oh no..after all that hard work!!! Next time lay off the Sangria while color blocking!! LOL
OMG, Sean is just too cute with Mack and "come sit on my lap". Dylan does that with Tyler, but Tyler refuses to listen. I think Tyler is wise to the fact that it won't end well. HAHA
Have a good day.

papermonkey said...

He really does love that camera, doesn't he? It's cute and you never know if he'll be the next Richard Avedon or something :)

Amelah said...

Oh no! Don't you HATE ripping back over something so careless? Like when I mis-spelled SEIRRA OOPS! SIERRA! Such an annoyance. Oh well, it will look good in the end! Can't wait to see it done.

That's fantastic about Sean! Glad to know he likes taking pictures, too bad he does not always like being in them!!

Big Girl Feet said...

I can't wait to see the jersey all done- so cute!!

Tara said...

Love the "it was cute until they decided to sit on each other" comment. LOL! Ah, siblings (my kids do that too). DOH! on the ripping back though! You'd gotten pretty far in, too!

Knit Girl said...

Oy, your son is so cute with that camera!

Bea said...

Oh ouch. Sucks about the stripes. Love the camera. How awesome is it that he wants to take after you :)

g-girl said...

haha funny story about the eggs. love the pics of sean reading mack a story. :)