Tuesday, March 16, 2010

march sixteen


Spring is in the air. I love it. It was GORGEOUS outside today when I picked up the kids from daycare. 12°C. No hats! Open jackets! Oh ya! Despite the fact that I think I’ve got a head cold (my face feels congested and I know I slept with my mouth open last night as I couldn’t breathe 100% through my nose – no fun!) I stayed over an hour outside at the park in our circle. I love being outside with the kids. The fresh air does the body good. If I’m sick tomorrow, I know why.


Mack loves sports just like his big brother does.


Mack discovered a new word today. “Bang”. He repeated the word as he banged the gardening fork on the post.
I guess he felt the need to communicate the word and show that he knew what it meant.

Eventually daddy got home from work and came outside to play.

Wait a second… Jamie’s actually smiling with teeth! I love it.

Oh, that means I had someone to take a picture of me & the boys.
(I love the self portraits I do with the, but they’re a little too “close-up” sometimes).


Like I wrote before, we spent over an hour at the park getting us back home after 6:30pm. Since dinner kind of got forgotten about we quickly treated ourselves to some take-out and got the kids ready for bed once they were done eating. The amount of fun they had outside today playing in the sand, sliding down the slides, chasing after our neighbours 3 boys (who are ages 6, 7, and 8 – yes, I told their mother that she was insane for having them 14 months apart and then another 16 months apart). (And I thought I was nuts with having the kids so close in age (17.5 months apart). She said it’s finally paying off now that they’re so close in age, but for the longest time it was tough. (Good to know).

Tomorrow I need to make sure that I do not procrastinate and I DO fold all the laundry that I’ve been doing over the last few days. There must be 8 loads worth of folding to do. I will do it tomorrow. I will. Someone please remind me.

Oh, and because of this head cold business, my mind wasn’t there tonight to work on the front of Sean’s Sweater. So it’s delayed one more day. I’ll get the front done tomorrow. PROMISE. Got to get Sean wearing that sweater already. Before summer that is.


dawn said...

I love Spring, and it looks like the boys had tons of fun playing at the park! I love the picture of you and Sean...the expression on his face is like Mom I'm getting to old for these public displays of affection but I'll do it just to make you happy. LOL I love it!

Amelah said...

Very cute pictures! Should have taken one with you & the two boys! And then bring out the trip for a family pictures of the 4 of u! Need an updated one of that! Plenty of more nice days to come for that though! Looks like the boys had fun!

Amelah said...

Go fold your laundry Missy! :-P

Tara said...

We did the exact same thing! Came home and the kids immediately got on their bikes. We even took out the BBQ! Ah, Spring at last!!!

Knit Girl said...

Your children are beautiful Robyn. God bless you.

Kimber said...

These are good family shots!

Kimber said...

These are good family shots!

Bea said...

Love that park in front of your house. Looks so fun. Bang is a good word. Hopefully he'll only think its a good word for outside use. :) Sorry about the cold. Hopefully it won't really materialize.

g-girl said...

it certainly did look like a beautiful day! so jamie smiling with teeth doesn't occur often? well, glad you were able to capture a shot!