Thursday, March 25, 2010

march twenty-five

Today I spent seaming together Sean’s Sweater. He should be good to go in it tomorrow. I’m that close to weaving in the last of the ends. He’s going to be one happy kid tomorrow when I present it to him.

I had a power failure today so I lost some work time. I still have some stuff that I need to take care, but that will get a bit delayed as tomorrow I’ll be cooking all day with my step-mother-in-law for Passover, which starts Monday sundown. I’m actually rather excited to be spending the day cooking with her. It’ll be a great learning experience!


Tonight I went to the Habs game with my brother. First we headed to a small bookshop downtown as something my brother ordered came in. I hadn’t been to that book store since I was in college, and I kind of missed it. I ended up picking up 2 chick lit books while there tonight, and my brother got a few extra items as well. We had dinner across the street from the bookshop, which my brother treated – thank you! Tonight’s game was my (early) birthday present. (My birthday is after the hockey season ends). It was a really nice evening!

  We won 4-1 against the Florida Panthers. What a great game! I got to witness Tomas Plekanec’s 100th career goal. I worked a bit on some seaming/weaving in ends on Sean’s sweater (gosh there’s a lot of it!) and then worked on one more square for Babette.

I am really glad that I got out of the house this evening – It really helped. I was in a real cranky mood for the most part of the day. I had decided to change up my glasses and put on my black & pink ones, but I think they need adjusting because by the time 4pm rolled around I had a headache. I am glad I put back my purple frames back on… I feel a lot better now.

I also have been doing a lot of reading over the last few days, and I’m finally making a dent in the book I’m currently reading. I’m now 60% done the book, about 400 pages in. I think for the next book I chose to read, it definitely will not be almost 700 pages. 700 pages is quite heavy to hold!

In weather news, today was a high of +13C. However, tonight it’s supposed to go to a low of –12C. Quite the crazy range! After having a “spritz” of winter a few days ago, I was hoping it would be over. I put away (again) my winter jacket and took back out my spring jacket yesterday. Well guess what? Tomorrow, it’s back to the trustee winter jacket again. I hate this! Make up your mind mother nature, you’re a little messed up/confused right now & I’m not too fond of your hormonal rages.

Ok, back to seaming. I’d like a certain little boy to have a new sweater for tomorrow!


Tara said...

Can't wait to see the sweater!!!

g-girl said...

that was really nice of your brother to take you to a hockey game and dinner as an early birthday present! :) so what books did you pick up??

elizabeth said...

Seam that sweater! :o) Have a great weekend!

Bea said...

The game with your brother sounds fun. Love all your pink gear!