Thursday, March 11, 2010

march eleven

Somehow I’ve been losing wooden spoons lately, and I’m always looking for when when baking/cooking. I decided to get some new ones today. I’ve been slowly getting my cooking mojo back. I went through a slump during the winter, but I’m getting back into my old grove.

  I got a trim today. I went to go visit my friend Daniele who does my hair. Daniele has a detached garage that she converted into a mini salon at her house. She’s super cheap & I love catching up with her when I go. She scolded me for my last haircut being last May!  No more split ends. Hair feels healthy & that’ll help it grow faster. I promised her I wouldn’t let it go another year before my next haircut (rather, trim).


The boys were being silly this evening. Mack was drumming on the garbage can in the kitchen while I was preparing dinner.
He though he was funny by lifting his leg in the air and drumming. He had his left behind him as well, doing some ballet position. I only caught him with his leg to the side. I am not sure where he learned this, but it was too funny.


Simple amusement though. A garbage can becomes a drum. I love the imagination of children.

I watched the Habs play a crazy game tonight. We won in overtime against Edmonton 5-4. It was really a close game. One of those that you’re sitting on the edge of your seat about to bite off your nails. Jamie had an event this evening that he organized with some of his hockey card collecting buddies. (Hey, I knit, so that’s his thing, which I encourage). It was definitely weird watching the Habs game myself, usually we watch it together and cheer on the Habs.

I’ve been working on La Novia, however it’s a long knit this one. (Because of the intricate stitch pattern). I’ve taken a small break from Sean’s sweater until I can figure out how to properly design the logo for the front of the sweater. I’ll work on that this weekend.


Amelah said...

Hair looks good. Boys r silly!! Mack is too cute with his leg up!!

Tara said...

I haven't been for a cut since October. When I go she'll hack it all off, then I'll be good for another 6 months! lol

Bea said...

Your hair looks good. My last was June last year. So funny about Mack. Might as well dance to the beat.

g-girl said...

how cute is mack drumming with his leg up! lol. ;)