Tuesday, March 09, 2010

march nine

Last night Mack got up crying at 10:30pm. I tried putting him back to bed. He wanted nothing to do with his bed. So I took him into my bed (in the dark) and cuddled him. I guess I must have passed out before him. Almost an hour later Jamie came up to go to bed and I was out cold. He said he walked into the room and it was pitch black since he turned off the hallway light. He said he didn’t even realize that Mack was in our bed until he heard “Tv, On?”. He turned on his night table light and saw Mack sitting up in our bed. The little bugger. It wasn’t time to watch tv. It was bed time! Anyhow, I had to give him some more milk in order to get him back to sleep. I’m hoping this isn’t something that is going to happen every night, but so far so good with the milk in a sippy cup.

This morning Mackenzie had swimming lessons. On his way to school after swimming, I saw 2 police on horses. I was shocked. In my area? Really? Yep. (I learned later that they were on loan from the Town of Mount Royal). Anyhow, I witnessed one of the horses do his business all over the street that the daycare that my children go to is on. Anyhow, I witnessed them just trot away after the horse was done his business. This made me FURIOUS. Hey, if we have to pick up after our dogs (not that I have one or anything) but they should have to pick up after their horses… c’mon! Anyhow, I wasn’t sure what to do, and you can’t really call the police on the police, can you? So, instead I called Public Security. I was transferred to someone, who wasn’t at his desk (or on the other line) so I left a message. My concern was, that where the horse did his business, was in a school zone (my old elementary school) and cars were swerving into the other lane to not drive through the horse business. This wasn’t good. (At 5:30 pm after I was done work and picked up the kids from daycare, it had been cleaned up. Was I the only one who complained? Did other people complain? Though, I feel better for making the call).


I did wonder where the horses came from, and was curious as to where they were stored or how they got to my suburb, where I don’t know of a single stable around. When I left to work after picking up my lunch at home after dropping off Mack at daycare from his swim class, I saw this parked around the corner from my house. A police pick-up truck with the horse carriage hitched on the back. (Horse carriage? Is that what it’s called?)

The funny part of all this is that the horses were trotting in the parking lot of Sean’s daycare & Sean’s classroom is in front of the school with a huge door to the outside in it. (Mack’s classroom faces the front too, but there is no accessible door to the outside (there is one I think, but the play area is in front of it – I think) and the windows are painted half way up with a zoo theme so that the children can’t see their parents leave (as they’re the baby class and they tend to cry if they’re new to the daycare). Anyhow, one of Sean’s teachers saw the horse right outside their classroom and opened the door (it’s not the main door to the daycare, it’s more of an emergency type door). The horse, named Blackjack actually came half way into Sean’s class. He got to meet the police horse. I learned this when I came to pick up the kids from school today. I was even shown pictures. I asked if one of them that I liked could be emailed to me- but so far I haven’t received it yet. We’ll see if I do – I’ll show you if I get it. There is one picture of the class around the horse. When I told Sean’s teachers that I called public security on these horses because one of the horses did his business all over the street, I had his teachers laughing hysterically.

Anyhow… that was the excitement for today.

Yarnhog has created a gorgeous craft room. I’m super jealous! One day when all my children have moved out of the house, I plan to turn one of their rooms into a craft room. Too bad that won’t be at least for another 16-20 years+. I can’t complain though, I do have a nice sized office and I do have a yarn room in the basement. Maybe if I de-clutter my office I’ll have more room to craft. Hmm, that may not be a bad idea.


Here is the current progress on my La Novia. I love how it’s knitting up.

Tonight I had the Guild Meeting. We had a sock challenge tonight. We had 3 categories that we could enter in, and I entered 3 socks of my own designs. I entered in Mathematical Equation, Grape Vines & Massie. While I didn’t win anything (the judge tonight was none other than Kate Gilbert herself), my cousin Jenn won 2 prizes. (I guess I should take a hint? Just kidding). I worked on La Novia and chatted with some of the members.


Amelah said...

It is funny to see police on horses walking in the West Island!!! And so gross to know the horse took a dump on the street and they just walked off! It is like a minimum $300 fine if your dog goes and you do not pick it up!! I definitely would lodge a complaint!!! Gross!!!

Bea said...

I totally would have called public services. They shouldn't be allowed to leave dung in the street. Its really unsafe.

g-girl said...

must be nice to be a police officer and not have to clean up after your horse! that is cool that sean's class got to meet one of the horses though!