Saturday, March 06, 2010

march six


Ok, so that handpainted skein… that I still haven’t decided what to do with…


I’m too afraid to wind it into a cake. Has that ever happened to you with a skein of yarn?
You’re just too afraid to use it? My precious…!


Sean’s Sweater is coming along fabulously!
The back is done. I’m not 100% loving color work, but it’s the only way to do a garment like this.
I have the front to do, then the 2 sleeves. I’m a little frustrated with the design on the front.
It’s super hard to sketch out on graph paper the Team Canada logo. I hope I get it right.


I had some good friends over tonight. Since there was chocolate involved, there were some dirty fingers & chocolate mouths.

There seems we have a tradition now with these gatherings. Sangria! I’ve fallen hard for Sangria. Who knew! It’s so tasty. It’s bad though, it’s addictive and well, it’s so good, you forget there’s alcohol in it. I had a really good evening tonight, got some help from my friends with some neck shaping, because I wasn’t sure on a few things, and it’s working out perfectly. I can’t wait to give Sean his new sweater. I hope to have it done soon. I always feel better after a girl’s night with friends. I am also lucky that Jamie wanted a self-night to play video games tonight and didn’t mind me having some people over to stitch ‘n bitch over dessert.

I’m starting to feel better about things lately. This de-cluttering has been fantastic. I’ve also been using the computer less. I’ve been trying to be better with procrastination, I suffer from that. I keep saying that things can always get done tomorrow, but sometimes tomorrow is just too late. I need to get on top of things now… today.


Amelah said...

Sweater is looking good! Can't wait to see it finished and on Sean. i miss thee...

Bea said...

The sweater looks good. You could try to use life lines on the front just in case you accidentally mess up? Would it make it easier to rip back?

g-girl said...

sangria! just add it to the list of things that are so good (but yet so bad for you!). it's okay to have once in a while. the sweater is going to be absolutely fantastic! it'll be worth all the hard work. :)