Monday, March 22, 2010

march twenty-two :: 168 weeks old

Rest in Peace Brandon, 05/27/1988 – 03/20/2010
(Brandon (white tshirt) with his siblings).

On Saturday night my mother called me while I had people over. She said she had some bad news. At first my heart jumped, as she was babysitting both my children. She then spat our right away that both my children were fast asleep and it had nothing to do with them. Immediately I thought “Oh no, my grandparents? One of them?” Nope. Not them. My 21 year old cousin Brandon went to sleep on Friday night and never woke up Saturday morning. Cause of death, still unknown.

Live each day as if it were your last, because you never know when it’ll be.


Sean is 168 weeks old today.


Sean’s new swimming session started this morning. There are now 4 kids in the class (which means less individual time with the teacher. The max is supposed to be only 3 kids per class, so I am going to inquire next week why there was a 4th let into the class. I’m paying for a certain amount of time and now getting less out of it. I want Sean to learn how to swim, not sit on the side on the yellow table and play with toys. Hmph. (Sean is off with the teacher in the front of the image in the above photo).


I worked on the 2nd sleeve of Sean’s Sweater. It’s coming along.

Sean being silly after swimming.

This afternoon we had a playdate at my friend’s house.
(Yes, that’s her son being silly upside down!)


The kids all took turns in the swing.
(I wish I had a tree in my front or back that would support a swing like this)
(Oh wait, I forgot, we got a swing set last year as a gift. Oops. Forgot!)


Mack was the only one who wasn’t too happy about the swing today.
Usually he loves it.


Then we came inside, covered their kitchen table in paper and all four of them colored.


Sean had a field day on their trampoline. I’m shocked he hasn’t asked for one yet.
(Maybe for his birthday?)

We made the kids Whacky Mac for dinner. (Kosher Macaroni & Cheese).
With 2 boxes we also added in spaghetti noodles so that it would feed all of us.

I finally got the kids home & in bed. Jamie’s at the Habs game tonight. Lucky guy.
It actually took some yanking the kids out of their house to get home.
Sean actually asked me if he could sleep over there.
We all thought it was cute.

I put together a gift for my mother-in-law (Jamie’s mom) who’s birthday is today. I had picked up some pictures today that I ordered last week when I caught a .10¢ sale at the Pharmacy. We’ll be seeing Jamie’s mom next week for the Jewish Holidays, and I wanted to make her something for her birthday. I got her this cube that revolves around. It’s really cute. I’m actually thinking about going back and getting myself one! I like it so much. I filled it up with a bunch of pictures of the boys, one of Sean & my nephew and one of Jamie & I. It’s so cute. I can’t wait to give it to her.


Today must be my lucky day! I grabbed some Tim Horton’s for breakfast while running some errands after Sean’s swim class and won a free coffee! I love Roll up the Rim to Win at Tim Horton’s! I don’t go often enough, but got lucky today! It’s always nice to win something!

Had a really nice day today. I think I’m headed to bed early tonight. Mr. Mack decided to wake up last night after midnight. He had gone to bed a bit later than usual, since we only got home from my parents house around 8:15/8:30. Usually Mack’s in bed between 7:30 and 7:45 pm or 8pm latest, but really… latest. Anyhow, I tried twice to put him back into his crib (the first time after a diaper change). He screamed. He didn’t want milk either. I took him downstairs to my office for 10 minutes while I finished up what I was doing in my office (I was still up). Then I took him into our bed. He lay quietly for a while. He tossed and turned. He tried to sleep on Jamie. He was kicking Jamie. He was kicking me. Jamie wasn't too happy because he had to work today. Again I tried to put him back in his crib. No luck. So I brought up some blankets from the den and made a bed on the floor in my bedroom. Ahh… that worked. Got him to sleep for about 3 and a half hours from 3:30 am until about 7 am. I’m exhausted. I just don’t get why he woke up in the first place. I hope he sleeps the night in his crib tonight. I’m hoping whatever it was that was bothering him, has passed.


Big Girl Feet said...

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin, that's very sad.

And excellent on the win at Tim's! We'll have to take Bea there- there's 2 in Mission!

elizabeth said...

Oh Robyn, I'm so sorry about your cousin! That's terrible!

Your photo cube is retro chic and you definitely need one!

illahee said...

i'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin. thinking of you and your family.

Lindsay said...

So sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family...

Caroline said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope someone can figure out the cause of his death, he was so young!

Bea said...

Sorry about your cousin. I hope Mack made it through the night.

g-girl said...

Again, I am sorry for the loss of your cousin. It's things like this that make us all re-examine our own lives and how we choose to live them. love the swing in front of your friend's house! that's've got that great swing set in your backyard just waiting for the boys.

Amelah said...

Cute pics. Hmm the boys liked the trampoline eh...a little ones birthday is coming up and since you guys have everything else.....

Amelah said...

Nice on the winning streak! Maybe Jamie should have you buy our lotto tix!!

Tara said...

Beware of the lure of the trampoline!!! With 2 kids, they'll both want to be on it constantly at the same time...