Thursday, March 18, 2010

march eighteen


Progress! (I’ve actually finished the front just now, so more progress pictures tomorrow). All I have left to do now is the sleeves & the neck ribbing. I can smell the finish line on Sean’s Sweater.

After I picked up the boys from daycare today and were done doing groceries, I had this conversation with Sean:

Sean “I want to put this sticker on the window”.
Me: “No, please don’t”.
Sean: “But I really want to put it on the window”.
Me: “Please don’t, I don’t want you to. Why don’t you put it on your car seat instead?”
Sean: “No thanks, it’ll get stuck because it’s sticky”.
Robyn: “That’s exactly why I don’t want it on my car window”.

Boys. At least he understands why not to put it on his car seat. Guess where the “PAID” sticker is now that the cashier gave him when we checked out our groceries? Stuck to my car window.

My joints on my left hand are aching. This means it’s going to rain in the next few days. I almost took it as a disability to knit tonight, but I managed to work through it. Do any of you suffer from arthritis? It runs in my family, on my mother’s side, I’m almost positive it’s early arthritis. Not only have I been dealing with that in the last 24 hours, but I’ve had back pains and aches for the last couple of weeks (I’d say at least a month) and the heel spurs just seem to be getting worse. Is this really what happens to your body as you age? If so, I must be screwed.

I was emailed a few days ago by my wonderful father, to remind me to change my winter tires. I love these little reminders, they’re great. Honestly, I have no time to think during the day about stuff like changing my winter tires, that this is a great reminder. However, I heard that it's supposed to snow next week. I don’t want that to happen and have my summer tires on my car, so I’m waiting a bit more to change over my tires. Sucks though, I just chucked my winter boots (as they weren’t going to make it until next winter, and they weren’t exactly cheap boots) so I don’t have proper winter boots anymore. I’m going to pray to the sun gods and hope that there is no snow. Mother nature… she’s a really tricky woman, ain’t she?


Knit Girl said...

Oh, Sean's going to love that Sweater! Way to go Mommy!

Big Girl Feet said...

The sweater is looking awesome!!
And I get very sore hands and one ankle, my grandmother had severe arthritis to a point that her hands were unusable, I sooo hope I don't get that! I just take a break- usually it gets worse from knitting too much, then go back to it the next day.

Bea said...

Too funny about the sticker. We got snow so maybe you won't because that would be weird.

g-girl said...

i can't believe the lil stinker snuck that sticker on your car window!! i don't think i suffer from arthritis. have you heard of joint juice? it's supposed to be good for you..and there are the supplements-glucosamine chondroitin and msm. I used to take those when my right hand was bugging me!

Amelah said...

I got the same e-mail from dad :-)

Tara said...

Great progress on the sweater, Robyn! And for frak's sake, you're going to be 29!!! Give over with the whole "my body is ageing" crap! lol