Monday, March 08, 2010

march eight :: 166 weeks old


Sean is 166 weeks old today!


Sean had swimming lessons this morning. He loves it. He’s getting very courageous in the water.


  Only one of the sisters went into the water today, the other sister wasn’t feeling well. At the level that Sean is in now, it’s non-parented so there is only 3 students per class. I like this because a) I don’t have to go into the water anymore, and b) he gets more attention from the teacher. The previous level he was in, I was in the water with him and there was like 10-12 toddlers in the class. You were lucky if you got the teacher’s attention. We played games and stuff, but there was no learning how to swim involved, really.


Today is International Women’s Day. Sean & Mack’s daycare teachers had a flower to give to every mom. How nice is that?


Sean picked out this red carnation for me. It was very sweet of him.

Today in the car on the way to daycare from his swimming class, Sean asked to color in the car. I ironically had crayons in the car from the loot bag from the birthday party yesterday. He made a nice drawing for Papa, who celebrates his birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad!


I finally got the courage to wind the ball of yarn and picked out a project for it. I cast on last night for La Novia.


I’m loving it so far, but it’s quite the lace pattern. There’s lace on EVERY row, even on the purl rows!


It’s coming along really nicely, though it’s not something I can knit and concentrate on something else at the same time (talking with friends, watching tv as I will mess up the rows if I multi task while working on this). I like the challenge!


I’m using some pretty neat bamboo knitting needles for this project. They actually say "I love knitting” on them! How cool is that?


  This evening we went out for dinner for my father’s birthday, which is actually today. I think I mentioned that before.


   Happy Birthday Dad!


Mack was given my dad’s iphone to play with, and was playing around with the slider to open the phone. If you have an iphone or ipod touch, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyhow, every time he managed to open the phone into the main screen, he got so super excited that he did that all by himself. It was just too cute.

Dinner was lovely, and the portions were so huge that I have lunch for tomorrow. I’m working in the offices tomorrow, so that’s perfect because now I don’t have to think about lunch for tomorrow.

Today we finally got Mack weaned off bottles! He now takes his milk in a sippy cup. This is awesome. He’s been taking his milk at naptime at daycare in a sippy cup, so we felt it was time to get him switched over at home onto only sippy cups. He has been drinking water and watered down juice in a sippy cup for months at home… but the milk had to be in a bottle. (He’s on 3.25% milk until his 2nd birthday this June). I am so happy & relieved that it was an easy transition. Sean also switched to a sippy cup only around 21-22 months old. Mack will be 21 months old on St-Patrick’s Day next week. One more thing can now be checked off my to-do list.

Tonight was registration for swimming lessons for the spring session. Got to love online registration, no line-ups, no wait time, making sure you’re guaranteed to get a spot before people who actually stood in line handed in their “top 3 choices for classes” (in case they don’t get into their first choice). I got both boys into the class that I wanted them in, which is the exact same time slot as they are in now. Beautiful. I love routine. Keeps things consistent. Sean has 9 weeks of classes while Mack has 11 because there are 2 Mondays that are holidays in the next 11 weeks (Easter Monday & Victoria Day).


Kerry said...

Happy belated birthday Robyn's dad!!! :-)

The scarf pattern is gorgeous with that yarn Robyn! I can't wait to see it when it's finished. How is Sean's sweater coming along? It was looking super great last you posted!

Amelah said...

Good job on Mackie being bottle free. Sounds like it was a smoother process then with Sean.

Lace pattern looks good. I agree, takes total concentration [same with my Henley cardigan], which is why I put it down for a bit.

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Robyn's Dad!

Its good that swimming is actually learning to swim. Do they do baby classes up there that teach the babies how to float if they accidentally fall in the pool? We have those here. I think its a really good idea.

Love your new scarf. The yarn is fantastic and the pattern is really pretty.

Congrats on the sippy cup. I'm sure that will make things easier.

g-girl said...

yay for weaning mack off bottles! looks like your dad had a great birthday dinner. :) the scarf is coming along nicely too!