Friday, July 21, 2006

16 Weeks & Jason Alexander

This morning I had a review in class for our exam on Friday, August 11th (my third of three exams) and then 45 minutes later we were in another part of town (Plateau Area) on St-Urbain (the street where Mordecai Richler grew up on) at a printing place where we saw the pre-press department where all their graphic designers work, and also their printing area. It was kinda cool, but I had to stay out of two rooms because of chemicals in those rooms (because I'm pregnant). It ran longer than I wanted to be on my feet, and I could have done without this field trip.

Upon getting home, I took this picture of my stomach, since people have been asking to see my "bump" It's tiny, but it's there. This is me at 16 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant.

This afternoon I briefly saw Katie, an old old old friend, whom I haven't seen in probably 6 years. She passed by on her way to her grandmother's for dinner, as her grandmother lives around the corner (off my street). She doesn't live here anymore, Katie, she's living in Hamilton, Ontario now, and was in town house sitting (and I think dog sitting) at her parents house. It was really good catching up with her, and finding out what was going on in her life, and reminiscing about old times. Hopefully we'll keep in touch. I can't remember how or why we stopped talking, or even when it was, but all I know, is that I forgive her for all the boyfriends she's stolen from me in the past, lol.
This evening we got picked up by a white limo, that looks exactly like this: (This is the stock photo off the limo company that we hired's website - it was too dark when I was picked up to photograph quickly the limo as we were pressed for time):

I have not been in a limo since grad (June 1998) and the limo that we had for grad was crappy. It was a 6 seater limo, and we were squished into it, and there was NOTHING fancy about it at all. The limo tonight was fantastic, and really nice.
My dad hired the limo because we were 8 people, (my mom, dad, brother, sister, myself, Jamie, my brother's girlfriend and my sister's boyfriend). My dad's Lincoln Navigator only seats 7 people... so that was the dilema. And on top of it, the lot that my father always had priority parking in (for all nights of the show), was torn down to build some huge office building, so parking was in question as well. Limo it is! What a fantastic idea.
What found out - is that there is a new law now, that you can only have 8 people in a limo. That is the law. You can't have a 10 or 12 person limo. Well, you can rent the stretch limos, or lincoln navigator limo, but you can't have more than 8 people in it. I'm not sure if this is a Canadian law, but it's certainly a Quebec law.
The show was great. We sat front row. (Click image below to see seating chart properly).
Jamie sat in seat 8, and I sat in seat 6. Next to me was my mom, then my dad. Then my sister, then my sister's boyfriend, then my brother, and then my brother's girlfriend in the last seat (seat 7). We sat in those exact same seats last year for one show, and for another show we had almost all of row AA (but we were only 6 people, not 8). Last year since my sister was still living at home, and my brother had just just moved out with his girlfriend, only Jamie was invited, as he was almost my husband (two months later). This year, since everyone is out living with their significant others, my mom included them too. I can't remember how my mother got this hook-up for excellent seats, and priority advance purchasing, but I love the fact the my parents love comedy and that they have the hook-up! My mom's got connections!

I had Jamie's little digital camera with me. Our ticket reads that you can't use cameras. So, I decided to be a little devil, and use mine, with no flash. Most of the pictures came out great.
Jason Alexander came out at the beginning of the show, flying on cables, pretending to be "Jewperman" as Jewish Action Figure. This is how close we were sitting:

Here's a full length picture of Jason's outfit:

After the first act came out, Jason changed and came back after that act, dressed normally:

The show was okay, Jason Alexander was my favourite part, and he only hosted. The line-up of other comedians were:

July 21
10:00 PM (There was a 7 pm show with different comedians)
Tim Minchin
Willie Barcena
Mike Britt
Lachlan Patterson
Pete Zedlacher
Kristeen Von Hagen
Dov Davidoff

At the end of the show, Jason Alexander needed a volunteer and chose my brother out of the audience. I guess it pays to be front row, and in a yellow shirt (stands out!)

So my brother got to be right next to Jason and was having a good time pretending to be a crippled child for this song/skit Jason wanted to do.

After the show, we got picked up by the same limo company, but this time in a black limo, with a new driver. What excitment!

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