Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

I've been knitting up a storm, so here is my latest addition to the charity blanket. This is how it is starting to come together (Not sewn together yet):

Basically, if you can picture this, I'm about to start knitting the second 3 piece section, which will be red, yellow, red (like the section I just finished) and it will go on the other side of the pink square. Then after I'm done that three piece section, I just need to do 2 more seperate squares, so that I can place them above the yellow square and below the yellow square of the section I'm about to knit. Here, I've scanned the pattern image for you:

I found this image on a Toronto knitting store's website. (Romni or something like that. Anyhow, I've circled a particular item from that store that I have fallen in love with:

A sheep knitting bag - how fantastic. I'm wondering how much it retails for. Once I find the link, I think I will email the store to find out - out of curiosity!

I found today a list of Celebrities, and what their real names are. It is very interesting. Check it out here. I was actually looking up baby names, when I came across the link to that page.
This afternoon Jamie and I watched the movie The Juror (1996). It was with Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore. While it was a little long, it was still a really good movie. Jamie's dad had picked it up cheap at Walmart, so he loaned it to us yesterday.
This evening we ended up going with Jamie's friends Michel & Louise to the old port to catch some free outdoor concerts. It was really good. Performing were a bunch of steel bands, and awesome music and then the "headliner" was Quebec's own Gregory Charles. This was held in Jacques Cartier Square just down by the water. He was absolutely fantastic. You must check out his website (there is music by him playing when you click on English). The only downfall of the evening, was the rain that started lightly at around 9 something, and lasting as a light drizzle even during the awesome fireworks that were at La Ronde (Which we could see), which were NOT part of the International Fireworks Competition (that is only on Sunday nights).
Now we're home.... and I'm just going to crawl into bed with some TV (too tired to knit tonight - but I'm having some girls over tomorrow night for knitting and some chick flicks)... Should be fun! (I have to make sure I get my homework that is due on Monday at 8 am done before the girls come over - I need to STOP procrastinating!)

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