Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Exhausted... Yarn Arrived Though!

Today was an exhausting day. My nephew left to spend the day with nana at around 8:15 am. Since I was up and couldn't go back to sleep, I had a ton of work to catch up on (for school) so I got right to it. I started organizing my work, in a folder, made a list of what needed to get done, and what all the due dates were, and I seem to have everything under control. I am the master of deadlines and working under pressure and I seem to think that everything will get done. I'm hoping to get a lot of work done tonight while Merlyn's at his nana & zayda's place, and that way I can spend the day with him tomorrow, maybe swimming if it doesn't rain, (it's calling for rain all week). (I'm not really sure what's up with the weather this summer, but it's been raining all summer long and I'm not really too happy about that)! But I guess it beats the heat!

Today I realized how exhausted I am from watching my 3 year old nephew. I'm sure it will only be worse (exhaustion) once the baby is born, but that's a different kind of exhaustion. I am really glad that Merlyn slept through the night though, and it wasn't a repeat of Sunday night.

This morning while packing Merlyn up in Nana's car, the mail lady was delivering the mail. I received my "Neopolitan" Ice Cream yarn from Knitpastis. It's handdyed yarn, especially for me! She also sent a few more goodies, which I love! Thank you Knitpastis! What I'm curious is how she wound it up into a skein. Is there a trick to do that? Does anyone know how to do it? I've been SOOOO curious lately about hand dying yarn, I'm soooo interested in getting into that. Trying it out, figure out how to do it, all that jazz. Here is a close up of the yummy (SUPERWASH!) sockyarn! Delicious!

Today in class I worked really hard. We had a "make-up" class for a missed class this afternoon, and I stayed a bit longer working on my assignments. I got a lot accomplished today, I think, anyhow. But I do have a lot more work to do. (Ugh!) At least I have some flexibility with my due dates next week, some assignments I have until the end of the week (phew!) (All good!) I plan to get a lot more work done on Thursday in school, and maybe even Thursday night since Merlyn will be at Nana's and Zayda's.

Tonight I actually worked on my portfolio, getting all my assignments that I want printed for my portfolio touched up and corrected, and some organized so that I can speak to my teachers about it. (Questions I may have on them)... etc.

Alright. I'm off to play a little Bejweled to relax and then off to bed, as I'm ZONKED. We can't find the remote control for the VCR in the bedroom, so there goes using the VCR anymore, because we can't access TV/VCR so we can't tape anything but the channel it's stuck on, and we can't watch anything because that means we have to get up at each commercial to fast forward. UGH! I am sure it fell into the garbage can and went out with the trash tonight. As digusting as this sounds, I am going to go check to see if the garbage has NOT been picked up yet, I *may* be able to rescue the remote control?

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