Monday, July 17, 2006

Rotten Day

So today, after a long day at school (and handing in my DVD cover - which I am very proud of by the way), I have come to realize that I can't wait to finish school because I no longer want to be involved with that school in any which way.
During our afternoon class, our teacher blew up at us.

Let's start from the beginning.

A few weeks ago we gave the school a really bad evaluation when asked to fill one out. We also (like we do each semester), fill out evaluations on the teachers. Teachers are NOT supposed to see the evaluations until AFTER the semester is over. Even if said teacher is also our coordinator.

Somehow, our teacher of 3 classes got a hold of our evaluations, and even though she doesn't know who wrote what..... she blew up in class today saying that someone wrote on the school's evaluation that all the teachers are lazy, and she took offence to it, and that we are the class that gave her the worst evaluation of her career, and that we're horrible, and all that jazz.

Then she also mentioned that the Gala being held on August 11th (the night that we graduate), which was supposed to be our "vernissage" turns out that non of our work is being shown, it's not a diploma ceremony (as marks wont be in yet, and they don't give out diploma's unless you graduate) and no one in our group is getting an award (because apparently we don't deserve any) and so, why should I go waste 2-3 hours of my life, to watch everyone else drink cocktails I can't drink because I'm pregnant, and to bring my family for what? To watch one of the Fashion or Interior Design or 3d Animation students get awards?

... a waste of my time.

So I'm not going. I've decided.

In other bad news today, Jamie's Uncle's really good friend Dave's son Mackenzie died yesterday up north. He was 4 years old. He drowned in the lake. I don't know all details, only some, and all I know is that the funeral is tomorrow morning at 9:30 am. I've met the father once, but that's about it, and their elder daughter. I don't think I will be going to the funeral tomorrow as I have class at noon and stuff to prepare for class. Plus, I didn't know the family at all, besides one brief meeting, and just feel like I'd be awkward there. There is an article in today's Gazette (page A7), but no details and no names are mentioned. Just some facts of the incident.

Tonight I rented the movie Firewall and Jamie and I just finishe watching it. I should have been doing some homework, but I just couldn't look at my computer screen anymore, and had to go knit in front of a movie. The movie was not bad, but typical. Harrison Ford was the main actor. The girl who played his daughter, almost 16 year old Carly Schroeder, the whole movie I was trying to place her, and I just looked her name up on IMDB and she was in Mean Creek, a movie with Rory Culkin that I watched two summers ago. I really liked that movie, and she was one of the main characters in it.

Alright, I'm off to bed. I want to wake up tomorrow in a better mood and with no stress, no worries about school or fears of children dying by water. (I emailed Jamie's sister tonight to make sure that my nephew can swim, or what floatation devices he owns, to pack so that if we should* go near any water, I don't have to worry that he'll drown.

*I'm really feaked out and he's not my child, and I don't want to have any problems for the two weeks that he's staying with me for, in regards to water and not knowing how to swim. I mean, he's only 3 1/2! Who knows at what age kids can swim properly these days? I don't know? I was reassured that he was in the water all last week and he just wears those floaties on his arms (the ones that blow up) and he doesn't need a lifevest and that he puts his head under the water all by himself, etc., and that I should STAY near the water if it's hot (like it's been) and to NOT avoid it! Well, I'll tell you one thing, he won't be unattended near any water.

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