Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knitting & Movies

Today I finished turning the heel on Jamie's sock. I am still on sock number 1. (I am not soo fond of how the pattern turned out on the heel - but what choice do I have??? Right?) I have been working on it while watching some movies - this week has been a total movie watching week. Some movies I've seen this week (and forgot to blog about) are:
The only movie I recommend from them all is Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Xmas. I'm dying to watch Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, but I've promised Jamie I'd watch it with him. (I'm hoping maybe later tonight - after his friend leaves).
Geraldine's Fortune was with Jane Curtin, and it takes place in Nova Scotia. It had a few good laughs but it's a Canadian film and wasn't that good - lol... The Shrink is in was with Courtney Cox and David Arquette (before they married). The film is from 2001 - but I thought it was way older than that. It's about Courtney, who impersonates a shrink to win over her Prince Charming. Quite plain of a movie. Very Annie Mary had Rachel Griffiths playing the main role - and I liked her in Six Feet Under, so I decided to give this movie a try. Half way through I decided it was crap, but was half way through, so I stuck it out until the end!
A Nightmare Before Xmas - now that was very well done. No voices were recognizable by famous actors, but then again the movie was done in 1993, and upon looking up the names on - I recognize no one....
Going to go cool off by standing in an as cold as I can handle shower. The heat is killing me!

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