Friday, July 28, 2006

Long Long Day

Today was a very long day. First off, I had a make-up class after our regular class, and so I was i in school from 9am-3pm instead of 9am-12pm. But, it's air conditioned at school, (I only have portable A/C units at home, no central air (which I'm DYING for!) so I didn't mind being at school. Also, with Merlyn at home, I have had no time to concentrate on my school work, except for when he's asleep, which is past my bedtime too - lol (as it is now, but it's Friday night, so I'm pushing my limits). I've been soooo tired lately, it's unreal.

I got a LOT accomplished today at school. I am very happy about that. I also, handed in my final assignment for my Estimation course, and have NOTHING left to do in that class. I await my mark on that final assignment, which actually will give me my final mark in that class. I am so positive that my teacher will give me back my mark next week, as she's a very fast marker, but I probably won't get to take home my assignment, because the others still have until Thursday, August 10th to hand it in, so I won't be able to get mine back, so that others can see it...etc..... Not that I'd show it to any of them, but still... I completely understand. I'm hoping for a 100% on that assignment, which will give me a very high mark in that class. I think if I get perfect on that assignment, I will have a 95% in that class. So hopefully that is my mark! I'm totally not worried, and that assignment was a breeze once I sat down and finished it, so I'm pretty happy about that. 1 of 6 assignments done, phew! 2 of those remaining 5 are almost done, and 2 are actually not even started, but they're not due til the week after next so I'm not even worried!
One last assignment that I have not started yet, is to do a die-cut, and re-design a box. Originally it was supposed to be a die-cut for a VHS casette box, but since this semester we already did a DVD cover, and who uses VHS anymore, she changed it to ANY box we want. So I think I'm going to do a travel size Q-tip box, it's really tiny and cute. It's about the length of a credit card. Should be easy. Not too sure yet what I'm going to do with it - but I'm either going to re-vamp it - or do something completely not Q-tip to go in the box. Not really too sure what the assignment is really about.

This evening Jamie had ball so I took Merlyn to McDonalds at Walmart for dinner (I had to return something to Walmart and pick up a few things there). He gave me a hard time because he was over tired and because he wanted to go to a McDonalds that has the playground there. Well, this McDonalds doesn't even have a full menu, so definitely no park there!

Quite the apetite this kid has, he wanted nuggets AND a burger!

Making faces at the camera.

French fry moustache!

After, while doing my errands in Walmart, had a few things to pick up, Merlyn wanted to go see the toys, so I don't know why, but I took him. Of course he wanted a toy that was 75$. This kid doesn't understand money..... and cried because he WANTED that specific toy. I tried explaining to him that it cost 75$ and that I don't have the money for that right now, and he bawled.... in the end, he settled for a .97 cent toy, which as you can see, he fell asleep 5 minutes after getting home, on the couch, with the toy in his hand...

Tomorrow Jamie's got a meeting in the morning, which I didn't realize, and was hoping he'd watch him so I could do some homework. But Nana & Zayda will eventually pick him up and take him to my step-sister-in-law's house for some swimming and we'll join up later, for some more swimming and a BBQ! Sunday Jamie's mom and her wife are coming over for lunch, and there goes my entire weekend, I shit you not!

Today, in this nasty nasty heat I'm feeling more fat than pregnant, and I don't like this feeling. Mood swings, I guess! It's been another long long day today, with no knitting to report. HOPEFULLY SOON - I'm dying to start Jamie's 2nd sock...

It's passed my bedtime. Goodnight.

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