Saturday, July 15, 2006

And She Wins @ The Casino Again!

This afternoon, being frustrated with our interrupted internet service (can't figure out why the signal is sooooooo weak) and Videotron (our service provider for our cable TV and internet), couldn't send anyone today, so they have someone coming first thing monday morning, sometime between 8 am - 11:30 am - so Jamie will stay home a bit from work & go in late, I worked on my DVD cover, and I am VERY DAMN proud of the way it's turning out. It's due on Monday morning so I will finish it up (last finishing touches) tomorrow, and all will be good to go. I can't believe it's down to the grind of only 4 weeks left of school! Arrrhhhh!

Tonight we picked up Sherrie & Brad from the Sheraton Four Points Downtown Montreal, and headed out to the casino first. Here is a picture of Jamie & I at the casino:

I love love love my new shirt - it's not maternity, but I bought it in a larger size, so for now, it fits! I actually wore a skirt out tonight - though you can't see it in this picture.

This is Sherrie & Brad. They're sunburned from rafting today in Montreal (got caught a little in the rain though - poor them - especially since it was lightning and they had metal oars!)

This evening was fun at the casino, since I won some money! Jamie had given me 40$ to play, but I didn't want to even spend that much. So, while Brad was losing money on craps, and Jamie watching & trying to figure out how to play, Sherrie first lost 5$ on a poker slot machine, and then 20$ more on Roulette, and then we picked a video slot machine for me to sit down at. I found a Draw Poker (where you have three lines to have more of a chance to win). Sherrie sat down at the same Draw Poker machine one machine over from me (there was a guy inbetween us at a different game). We both wanted to play poker. So I put in 20$ (which gave me 80 credits on a .25 cent machine). I didn't know what I was doing at first, so I accidently bet only 1 credit and lost that one quarter. Then I realized what I was doing, and of course you have to bet the max (15 credits, which is $3.75) or you don't actually win anything if you win. So the way you play is, when cards come up that you want to keep, you press the corresponding "HOLD" button, to hold the cards, then you hit the "DRAW" button, and it replaces the cards you don't want to keep, hoping to match up cards. You get only 5 cards per line, and let's say you hold to Kings then it holds two kings on EACH of the lines (three lines in total) so you have three chances to pull three of a kinfd or four of a kind. With two kings, though, you win your 15 credits back, because you win 5 credits per line - totalling 5x3 lines = 15 credits. About the 8th or 9th hand in, FOUR 10's come up on the line, so I HOLD them all. Not realizing what this meant - I hit draw (knowing that I can't get five of a kind, because that just doesn't exist in a deck, but that four 10's is a GOOD combo to have), I won 250 credits PER line, and for a total of 750 credits! I cashed out right then, at a total of 779 credits! 779 credits equals 194.75$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only one machine I sit down at - just my luck!

So we went out for a very expensive dinner (on me of course) to Vargas - this REALLY good steak & sushi place. (The bill for the 4 of us was 250$ with tip)! Crazy. Sherrie & Brad felt so bad that I was paying, because they ordered 60$ worth of wine between the two of them. But they treated us REALLY good while we were in Boston back in March, and it was our turn to pay back. Had I not won though, at the casino, it may have been another story in regards to going to this restaurant! LOL.... I had a pretty good salad, and an amazing dish of Linguini Pescatore (Linguini with muscles, shrimp and scallops in a white wine sauce - Mmmmmmmmmmmm!) Delish! It was a little late to be eating (10:45pm) so I took the rest home with me.

I had a really good time tonight, and that is a good thing. I'm usually a lazy bum, and prefer to sit at home watch movie & knit. I am glad we got out of the house!

I'm still shocked at my winnings!

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