Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maternity Parking

Today I got a late (and grumpy) start to my day. Eventually I got my day started and headed out to do my errands. My first stop was Zellers, where I went to do a return, and decided that I was well into my 16 weeks of pregnancy (as of tomorrow) and decided I was allowed to park in maternity parking!

The sign reads as follows: Parking reserved for Pregnant Women and to parents who are accompagnied by young children.

Ahhh, one perk of pregnancy... parking up close and always having a spot! I love it! (Not all places have maternity parking, but some places do!

At Zellers, after doing my return, I picked up some bed sheets in this gorgeous shade of green, as well as a new vacuum cleaner (very excited about that) and some new dishes for the kitchen, seeing as though our bowls and plates get HEATED by the microwaves instead of the food, when we try to heat things up. So many times I've burned my fingers trying to remove the plate from the kitchen. I'm going to test out the plates, and see if these new ones (which are square-ish and gorgeous - plain white) are good, if not they will be marching right back to the store for a refund.
What I am most excited about is my new vacuum cleaner!

After Zellers I headed to Costco to pick up a bunch of stuff, and of course, couldn't walk out without spending almost 300$. (Today has been a very expensive day!) I love Costco. They tried to con me into buying a membership, but it's not worth it for me, since both my parents and Jamie's dad and step-mom have memberships. I got to Costco once a year, so it's just not worth the 50$ membership. Especially since anyone who is a member can just go in and purchase a gift card for me, for even just 10$ and then I can get in, without a membership. So why bother? Did I say I heart Costco? I picked up some Lifesavers lollipops for myself, some candy for Jamie, some Salmon and Talapia (which has been cut up and prepackaged into portion for meals for 2 so that I can just un-freeze and viola, dinner! I picked up a copy of the Da Vinci Code and also a book by Debbie Macomber (whom I don't usually read) but, the title of the book caught my eye: "A Good Yarn" a story about a woman who owns a yarn shop! (The shop on Blossom Street called The Good Yarn has now been open for a year, and Lydia Hoffman is starting a new session of knitting classes. Once again, a disparate group of women find friendship and comfort as they learn the age-old craft of knitting.) - Sounds good to me!
After finishing my order at Costco, I went over to a "friend's" place and she gave me a few more items for my future child. She has been giving me clothing and items baby related, since her daughter has outgrown them, or doesn't need them. I told her I would make sure they went to good use, (and that every little bit of donation helps, as money doesn't grow on trees). Today I got a baby bathtub, a bottle holder, a bottle warmer, amongst other great hand-me-downs. She also told me that when her daughter outgrows a few more items, she'll let me know to come pick them up. I am really glad to have such supportive people and people willing to help me out - in my life.

After leaving there, I was lucky to not get stuck in traffic, did a return at Walmart, and met up with Angela. Instead of going knitting this evening, Angela and I made dinner at my place, and stayed in and watched the movie Failure To Launch while knitting. It was cute, but not the most wonderful movie I've ever seen, and I loved Sarah Jessica Parker in it. I am not that big of a fan of Matthew McConaughey. I did like Zooey Deschanel in this movie, she was also in another fave movie of mine, Eulogy (Eugene Levy was in that one). She was also in Elf, The New Guy, Almost Famous and Mumford. She was in some other movies that I've seen her in, but I think this is the first time she has had such a big role. I love her name, seeing as though our first daughter's name will be Zoey. However, I find that it's odd with a "oo" spelling (Zooey).... Hmmm, It's a very Franny and Zooey spelling (J.D. Salinger). I feel bad that I was in a bit of an anti-social mood this evening, but hey - it happens to the best of us.... right?

While watching the movie I worked on closing the toes on Jamie's sock, and after getting to the "end", which I thought was the end, before grafting, I realized I did the pattern on the toe wrong, so I had to rip out just the toe and re-start. Thanks to Angela for helping me catch all my stitches, I was having a little problem this evening seeing all the individual stitches. I was just missing out on all the plain knitting rows every other row, and instead of:
Round 1:k1, ssk, knit til end of needle 1, knit til almost end of needle 2, k2tog, k1, k1, ssk, til end of needle 3, then knit all of needle 4 until k2tog at end.then Round 2: a row of stockinette.
Repeat rounds 1 & 2, until there are 8 stitches left on each needle.

I was just doing round 1 over and over and over again....... and wondered why it was very pointy! Oooops! Too frustrated to knit ANY more after that, I'm putting it away until tomorrow.

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