Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Heart Cherries

I got this bag on Tuesday after my class, and forgot to take a picture of it - so here she is:

I had seen her in the window of this little antique shop around the corner from school a few days ago - and just had to have it. So - when I remember on Tuesday that the shop was now opened, I got parking right in front of it (after having to move my car due to parking signs from school), and found out that it was 25$ and well worth EVERY penny. It's reversable (the inside is the same pattern as the handles) and I just LOVE IT. Cherries is my new addiction, I just love love love cherries. Anything cherries. I'm thinking about getting a cherry tattoo as my next tattoo (of course after the baby is born - not before!)

Today was a long day at school. In my Illustrator class, we had a theory class on Colour Separation, and then we worked a little bit on our poster (which has to have one Illustrator element (as the main element), one photoshop element (I'm going to do a texture), and I think that's it. I could be mistaken, but for some reason I seem to think it needs to be mounted in Quark - which is weird, because it's for my Illustrator class (which is the software Adobe Illustrator)... I'll have to check my project outline to be sure.

In my afternoon class, we worked on our project which is an estimation for a quote for a job (we're learning how to do that). Anyhow, at the end of the class, the teacher came to my desk to help me with some questions I had. She put down her papers of the same project that we're doing, but that she did when she was a student at our school. She's using it to correct ours when we're done (and to answer questions to those who may have questions). Anyhow, I didn't realize that she put them down, and when it was time to leave, I scrounged up all my papers into one pile (if scrounging it the right word - no crumpling involved - just gathering off all my papers, which were everywhere) and without realizing (and without her realizing they were on my desk) I took them home with me, in my papers.

Upon getting home, I had 2 missed calls on my cell (and 1 message) as well as 1 message from my teacher on my house line. She asked me to check to see if I had them, and if so, to discreetly put them into an enveloped, sealed, and to return them tomorrow. So I did. I didn't even look at them. I felt soooo guilty for doing this - but I did it without realizing and knowing that she put them down with my papers on my desk. (Serves her right for doing that). She knows I didn't take them on purpose, but anyhow, I feel really bad now.... I hope that doesn't affect my mark! I hope she doesn't hate me now... Ugh. Why does retarded shit like this have to happen to me???

In other more uplifting news, today I joined, but I find the site very intimidating right now, because I am not so sure where to find anything on that site. I've got to find more time to spend navigating that site!

Tonight Jamie and I are going to watch Big Brother 7 All-Stars as well as Rockstar: Supernova. So I'm off to go chill on the couch and watch some TV!

Tomorrow I've got to call a plumber. Yesterday while making a double batch of Cabbage Rolls (upon getting home from my OBGYN apt. and before going knitting with Montreal Knits) somehow my garborater (the garborater from hell - I don't recommend these machines - nothing but hell & trouble since it's been installed) and it clogged (backed up) my entire TWO part kitchen sink. (One side we keep the dirty dishes that need to be washed and on the other side is the hole for the garborater, etc..) It's sooooo nasty and we thought we could solve it ourselves, but no such luck. I pray that the plumber will do the job quickly and not charge us too much.

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