Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Swimming & Rain

Today Merlyn was dropped off at about 8 am. He right away asked to watch Wizard of Oz (his fave movie) so I put that on, and fell asleep on the couch next to him. Then, once that was done, since it was icky outside, he asked to watch Madagascar. He watched, I napped on the couch, and he also played with the toys in the den.

After Madagascar was done, the weather got nicer, so we slowly started getting things together and then evetually headed over to my parents house, where I had promised Merlyn we'd go swimming.

And so we swam for a good hour.And boy did that tire me out. (The sun, using up energy I don't have), but a good time was had by all. On our way home, we stopped off to get some groceries at the store, and then came home, ate dinner, and then decided to go watch Jamie play baseball.
We left, shortly after 7pm, the game started at 7pm, but I had a few things to do before leaving the house. On the way, after dropping back off a rental to blockbuster, Merlyn fell asleep in the car. I would have woken him up, but it started pouring rain. So much for watching Jamie's ball game, or playing on the cement at the park with chalk..... I was in the mood to colour!
Robyn's tired from entertaining a 3 year old all day (and probably got way too much sun!) To bed I said!
(No knitting today, even though I had it in my bag). I hope to have some time to knit, but right now Merlyn and my homework are both my priorities. So we'll see... I did start winding that Neopolitan coloured yarn on my ball winder just now, but half-way through got hit with a huge knot, that I've been working at for the last half hour... I hope I don't have to cut the yarn, what a shame that would be. I could weigh the yarn to see if it's exactly half the weight, so that I could wind two seperate balls.... but I'll leave that one for tomorrow.

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