Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some Gifts & Other Stuff

Yesterday when I was at home doing homework all day before the baby shower, (and photographed some objects for my dad on a white background so he could cut them out and place them on his website) (Since I'm the professional photographer in the family I didn't mind doing it for him).... I received this wonderful package from Cynthia - which I was way too busy to photograph (unfortunately I ran out of time).

I had requested another ball of Lanett pink yarn - since Cynthia only sent me one ball, and depends on the length of the sock I make, it takes 2 balls of 50 grams for 1 pair of socks. I fell in LOVE with the pink and white mix of the yarn (and it's superwash so I can throw the socks into the washing machine/dryer - woohoo!) So I got me a 2nd ball! Cynthia also sent off some more pink goodies (I HEART ANYTHING PINK!) and I got some material, some zebra striped funky tape (tres cool!) a little elephant (that I think goes on top of a pencil? - he's to the left of the zebra tape - can you see him?) and some awesome flower decoration (for maybe a future handbag!) Some alphabet stickers, 2 really cool cups, a pink note pad w/pen, some really cool pencils, some ribbon and a really cool pink nightlight..... (which if we're having a girl - will go in the baby's room.... and if not, it will go in my office!) (Along with the zebra tape is 2 decorative umbrella's!) THANK YOU CYNTHIA! I can't wait til she gets my little package I sent her - as as thank you for sending me extra yarn! (And some things that didn't fit into the box that I sent her not too long ago...!)

Last night I also received this yellow baby book. It is a gift from some cousins in California (they sent it along with my grandmother's sister - who gave it to my grandmother, who gave it to me last night before going into the baby shower). It's an early baby gift, as well, Jamie and I got a gift as a belated wedding present, or an early anniversary gift, as they couldn't make it in for our wedding (my cousin is afraid of flying, so whenever she visits her mother in Montreal (my grandmother's sister) she comes by train from California! Crazy!) The cash gift will be nice to use for our honeymoon - which is coming up soon - I can't wait! I wrote them out a thank you card, and it's already in the mail. (To show you how fast I am with things like that - my thank you's for the wedding gifts were mailed out a day and a half after our wedding - to our entire 225 guests that attended our wedding. Mind you - there wasn't 225 cards written, beacause more than half the guests came in parties of 2, 3, 4 even families of 5.... so.... I think there was just over a 100 thank you card's sent. Give or take.) I don't like waiting - I always get thank you cards taken care of immediately. I get compliments on how fast I send thank you's for things like that...! (Engagement party, wedding, my bridal shower, etc...!)

On the subject of receiving gifts, Jamie & I received this not too long ago from Jamie's ex-co-workers from his old job (where he used to work at - educational toys). They had come over for a BBQ - but our BBQ wasn't working, so we ended up going out for lunch, and it wasn't until a few days later, Jamie showed me that they had brought this over - I had nooooooooo idea. It is sooo cute. This baby isn't even born yet, and it's very spoiled already.

I caught Jazz in the bathtub today. Just chillin' there. I thought it was really cute, so I took a picture of him in there.
Today was a long day at school, and I got home late, because I worked all day yesterday on my project and was on the ball - getting things done, I finished my project (there were a few things I had to correct upon getting to school today) (mistakes noticed upon proof reading it, and discussing the project with classmates) and the teacher had TOOO many students to see in the period that was class time, so since she checked over my project and it seemed that I had done it correctly, she sent me around the class answering classmates' questions. Class was over at 5:30pm, I didn't get out of class til 5:50pm. Ugh.
Tonight Jamie and I watched Big Brother on TV from 8-9pm, and then we just finished the movie Momentum. Eh, it was okay. It was with Teri Hatcher and Louis Gossett Jr. It was about a man with telekinetic abilities and he meets a group of people with similair powers. Some FBI involved, etc.... According to user ratings, it was rated a 4.6/10. Yeah - that seems just about right!

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