Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Graphic Design School

I got mail today in my inbox to go to Graphic Design School. Kinda funny since I'm graduating from one on August 11th. Today in class, we had a visitor come from a paper company, to talk to us all about papers. (That our graphic design jobs could be printed on). It was interesting, however a little too long, but very happy the woman was able to make it (she almost wasn't). We got samples and gifts - woohoo - and it was nice.

This afternoon I crashed on my couch for 2 hours after class. Just couldn't keep my eyes open (I'm wondering if it's because of the antibiotics I'm on?) I did get my Lorna's Laces today, and I'm in LOVE with the yarn. It's super gorgeous and I can't wait to knit it up (not a priority though, I have other jobs to do!)

Tonight I watched Big Brother, Rockstar: Supernova & now I'm going to crawl into bed with Jamie at watch Last Comic Standing from tonight which was on at the same time as Rockstar!

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