Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nathan's Wedding

Today I slept in, which felt great. This weekend I have really been catching up on sleep. It was long overdue from this week. I forsee needing it for the upcoming week as well. I just got in from Ottawa, I went to my friend Nathan's wedding, and it's about midnight. I don't see myself going to bed anytime soon, I'm not tired, and I have to get up super early tomorrow morning, as I have one of my 5 last Monday morning 8 am classes. (Oh will I be soooo super happy to be done with waking up early on Monday morning's for a super early class!)

The drive down wasn't too bad. I should have made Jamie drive there so I could knit! (By the time we left the wedding at about 9:45pm to start heading home, it was pitch black outside, and most of the highway between Ottawa and Montreal is NOT light up with lights, so there was no chance of knitting at all). But - by 9:45pm I was tired, so there is no way I would have been able to drive all the way home, so, I had to drive there and Jamie drive home (we always share the driving).

The wedding was nice and simple. I had never been to a wedding before that the bride was on display in the cocktail room for everyone to look at her. The ceremony was nice, and not too long. The groom's father bawled all the way down the aisle. (Reminded me of my father-in-law at my wedding!). The food was horrible: the chicken was way too dry and the rice was bland. And - the worst part of it all - we were stuck at the table right infront of the band. (Talk about not being able to socialize - you couldn't hear yourself even think!) Tonight I learned that the Ottawa Jail has been turned into a Hostel, were you can actually sleep! Check out the website, and if you're ever in Ottawa - why not stay there. Jamie & I are thinking about maybe going there for 1 night just to experience the hostel! That would be totally cool!

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