Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yarn & Knitting & Homework

Today, I've fallen in love with the colours of this yarn, on La fabrique de Zézette's blog:

Aren't the colours just delicious? The yarn actually comes from Walmart. So where did I go today? To two different Walmart's in my area (Decarie (around the corner from me) and then to LaSalle) looking for this yarn. Neither store carries them. Decarie had some other colours but by the same packaging (so of course I had to purchase some) and LaSalle had none of the sort. Ugh! I emailed Stephanie to find out where she purchased it - and it was at the Montreal-Nord Walmart. I guess I'll have to find some time to go to Montreal North! (Mapquest says it's only 18 minutes away by car - not too bad - without traffic though!)
This afternoon I started working on my project (photoshop quiz) that is due tomorrow. Teacher gave us this example - as well as the file of the gun and the file of the bullet, and we had to re-create it:
I works on it during the afternoon, and then again when my guests left this evening - and well - got stuck on the background, and was having a huge problem finishing it. I'm really zonked, so I'm going to see if someone tomorrow morning in class can help me out - before handing it in. I took EXCELLENT notes, and have apparently somehow missed one teeny tiny step somewhere in the creation of how to do the background (teacher went over it in class before "assigning" it, and said that once it was handed out - we could ask him no questions and for no help on it - as it is an exam....) Anyhow, I don't know what step I've missed, but it certainly is something to affect me from not finishing. UGH! This is what I've come up with so far (Obviously not done):
I am frustrated since I can't finish, but at least if it was an image I liked, I'd keep trying and trying (even after Adobe Help has failed me and as well as Adobe Photoshop CS bible and as well Real World Photoshop CS (two really good books I own on photoshop)) however, I hate guns, and it just pains me to keep looking at my failed image. I am sure tomorrow, in class, someone will help me out - and I'll be like "shit" I should have known that! Even by looking it up and doing research to try to find the answer - it doesn't help me at all.
On a brighter note, my cousin Jenn came over late afternoon and we watched an episode of Knitty Gritty on the dish. To quote Jenn, so I don't have to re-type the same story: "What a cheesy show! It was the episode with Lily M. Chin and other than 1 cool technique I learned, everything else was so dumbed-down! It was like "Cosmo" for knitting. Lily ACTUALLY pronounced the knitting acronym "yo, k2tog" as "yo-ke-two-tog". Who says it as a word? People don't SPEAK in acryonyms! You don't tell your friends "brb" or "lol" or "roflmao", and if you DID you'd pronounce it sarcastically, like "el-oh-el"." Yeah.... I thought the show was cheesy the last time I watched it about a week ago - well I'm even more thrown off from it - I don't reall think I'll ever really want to watch another episode again. Maybe the sock knitting edition (If it ever re-airs). After the show was over, (to half quote Jenn again): "Jennie, Karine and Kadi got to my house and we gabbed, knit, gossiped, ate, watched a movie (Sideways, which is always great a 50th time watching it), tried to guess Jenn's riddles and just had a nice fun girl's night. I'd be up for that anytime, we laughed a hell of a lot and I had a great time."
Alright. I'm going to give one more "go" at this quiz due tomorrow, and if not, I'll deal with it. It's so frustrating though.

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