Thursday, July 27, 2006

UPS, Yarn & The Remote Control

Last night I forgot to write about our trusty remote control....! Remember on Tuesday night I couldn't find it, and swore that it was thrown out? Well, for some odd reason, at 10:45pm after lying in bed watching some TV, I decided to check to see whether or not the garbage had been picked up or not. It had not. So.... I dragged the garbage bah down to our garage, and with a fresh pair of yellow rubber gloves, and a new garbage bag, I tore apart the bag I knew it had to be in, and what do we have? The remote control in the exact spot that I ripped the bag open.... My luck - because now I did not have to dig through the garbage bag! Phew!

This morning, after Merlyn got picked up by Nana for the day, I worked a bit on school things, and then hopped into a shower to get ready for school. As I was done rinsing out the shampoo from my hair, the doorbells rings. So I spring out the shower (knowing that I was expecting UPS as I had tracked the package since my pal had given me the tracking number) and in a towel I answered the door. It was UPS. He had my one skein package, and was also questioning me about the transaction from June 16th (my birthday) (it was the same UPS guy, the one that had forgotten my expiry date). Anyhow, He wanted my expiry date now. I was like "Uhm, NO!" So, I ran to my office and got all my paper work (still in my towel just to let you know) and provided him with the information that I had received a bill, etc, and the people I had spoken to when I called UPS on June 16th, and all that jazz. He said he would look into it. I also told him, that on top of my payment, that my pal in the USA was called and also charged for my import tax. WHAT? How stupid is UPS? They are sooooo dumb, let me tell you. And that is why I do not ever deal with them!

On a horrible note, my new yarn is in a tangle. Not too sure how that happened, but I do need one of those swift thingies, that would be a great fanstastic purchase, but I heard they can be quite expensive, so I will be holding off on that purchase for now

Today was a VERY productive day at school. I got a lot done, and I'm very happy. I've now (as of this evening, maybe 30 minutes ago) have 1 of 6 assignments done. 3 are due next week and the other 2 are due the week after. I also have 3 exams the week of August 7th. I'll manage. I'll do fine.

I also finished printing up pieces for my portfolio, as tomorrow in class our teacher is giving us each 30 minutes to go over our portfolio with us. I wanted to have a lot accomplished before going in tomorrow, so that I'm not empty handed. I'm very happy with my progress on that, and that I have 1 full assignment ready to be handed in (and it's actually the last thing that I have to do for that class, so as soon as I get the mark for that back, which will probably be next Thursday, (when I have that teacher next), then I'll know my final mark for that class. (WOOHOO!) I like knowing final marks upon completion of final assignments. Makes me worry less!

Alright, that detangle is calling my name.

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