Saturday, July 22, 2006

Socks & Cooking

Last night before we left to to the show I managed to find some time to finish Jamie's first sock. I really want to learn how to do the heel the "other way" as now I'm doing a short-row wrap & turn heel, and I'm sure the other way is better and nicer. My sock turned out good in the end, but I'd love to learn the "other way".

So, voila - what I wanted to post yesterday, was a picture of my lovely sock. But - upon getting home from the Gala last night, I was so excited about how close we were to Jason Alexander, and being a huge Seinfeld fan, I kinda forgot about my sock).

This afternoon Jamie and I watched the movie Last Holiday (which was on the dish). Well, I watched it and Jamie napped on the couch. I thought it was cute. A few laughs, some sad moments, but overall, I enjoyed it. I tried casting on for the 2nd sock to match the one above, but for some reason my hands were being very dislexic, and I didn't get a chance to actually cast on to my DPN's today. I'll take a look at it later.

This evening I went over to my in-law's for dinner, as Jamie went out to play poker with the boys at someone else's house. My mother-in-law made cabbage rolls, and my fave salad, so I was in heaven. I helped my father-in-law with something on the computer, talked with both of them about our plans for my nephew (their grandson) for the next two weeks (he's coming in tomorrow and staying with mainly us, but also with his grandparents a bit) and then did some groceries on the way home from their house and I'm about to go make some cabbage rolls myself, and also possibly some meat sauce. If the meatsauce doesn't get done tonight, it'll get done tomorrow. I must make some. We have no sauce in the house, and I've been craving pasta lately, (we've been BBQ'ing a lot lately).

I should be working on homework. All my final projects are due the week of July 31st (not this monday, next monday). But I think once I get the food that I'm going to cook on the stove, ready to be cooked without my watching over, I'm going to install Bejeweled, and play. I played a few rounds at my in-law's house tonight, and it's soooo damn addictive!

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