Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why Do I Hate The Colour Purple?

Last night, at 1 am, my new tenant called my cell phone. Jamie and I had already been fast asleep. Let's just say it was really hard getting back to sleep after that...
She "said" she was out of town, and couldn't get back in time, but that was not right of her to stand me up - as I was at home waiting for her.

This morning she finally showed up, I got my first month's rent from her (phew) and gave her the keys. She mentioned that she was going through a nasty custody battle for her children and was going to court on July 26th. She would be slowly moving her stuff into the apartment, but was not moving in right away. She mentioned that she needed the apartment to prove to the court that she had a place for her children. Anyhow, I just hope that I don't get screwed over in the future for rent...

Today in class, I started my 1 colour poster, and I'm doing a poster on a knitting store (could be real or fake store, doesn't matter). The girl below was drawn in Adobe Illustrator - I just love it (took me a couple of hours) and the reason it's in purple, is because our teacher wants us to use a colour that is not in our portfolio, to show potential future clients that we can do things in any colour. So since I've never really used much of the colour purple, this is the colour, I was pushed into using, because I hate the colour....

I am not even sure why I even hate the colour purple, it's just got to be a colour that I hate.... (But lately - since becoming pregnant, the colour has kind of grown on me, just a little... well some shades of the colour anyhow... no promises, but I'll try accepting the colour).

Tonight Jamie and I were supposed to go to the Jazz Fest to see a Paul Simon tribute with Sam Roberts (amongst others) but the rain kept us inside - at home. (Got some knitting done on the blanket for charity! - It's almost done, and coming along great!)

To those of my American friends - Happy July the 4th!

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