Friday, July 07, 2006

The 30 Second Shoe Shopping Experience

Today after returning home from my morning class, Jamie and I had some guests over for lunch. We were going to have a BBQ. However, the part that Jamie needed to replace on the BBQ (we have the new piece) wouldn't come off, and so we ended up going out to lunch. (Which is what I was craving anyhow - Marathon Souvlaki - Mmmmmm!)

After lunch, (and receiving a baby toy gift from Jamie's ex-coworkers) (which was very nice of them), I ran into Aldo for two seconds - as that's all Jamie was willing to wait for and said to the girl "Do you have an low heeled dress shoes in bronze or gold to go with a chocolate brown dress?" Within seconds she showed me this shoe in a size 8 - I tried them on - and whipped out my Visa and paid for them:

I didn't want a large heel because at the wedding I will be 5 months pregnant (around 22 weeks pregnant) - (September 3rd) and I do not want to walk down the aisle (I'm a bridesmaid) in high heels. Not at 5 months pregnant. Soooooo - this tiny heel still gives me some height, and are tres cute. I probably will change after for the dancing into something A LOT more comfortable, but for pictures and whatnot - these are what's going on my feet!

Today, I purchased on ebay some lorna's laces. I am IN LOVE with this colour. It's superwash, so I can machine wash it. (That was the number 1 importance (machine washing!!)).

Somehow in my paypal account I noticed that I received a 25$ US payment adjustment (YEY FOR FOUND MONEY!) So.... I quickly decided that it was going to be spent on yarn. (Giggle). The yarn including shipping came to 25.97$ US (I had to pay 1 sales tax, as it was from a Canadian ebay store) and so all I owed was .97 cents US (1.11$ CAD). What a great purchase for me! 1.11$ for 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces (9$US per hank). I feel like it's my birthday all over again!

Tonight I went to Jamie's ball game at 7pm, and worked on turning the heel of Jamie's sock (that I'm knitting). I found a trick with using stitch markers instead of counting my stitches, so that I can do other things (like watch Jamie's baseball game & talk) while turning the heel. You see, turning the heel doesn't have to be a concentrated thing anymore! (Go me for figuring that out)! So I'm using my nice new stitch markers from the swap I hosted.

Last night I received the fake crocs (airwalks from payless) that I had asked Lainie to pick up for me. (I knew the ones I picked up in Vegas won't last all summer next summer) so she bought me the last 2 pairs in my size at the payless by her (they dont have the hot pink ones here in Canada) and asked her to mail them to me. She also included some other goodies. (THANK YOU LAINIE)! (I need to photograph the package and post it!). In return, I'm sending her a huge thank you package - with some goodies I know she will LOVE!
No idea what's in store for tomorrow, but I do have a mess in the kitchen to clean up (had the plumber come today to unclog my kitchen sink - what a nasty nasty mess). Sunday we have a friend's wedding in Ottawa (2 hour drive from us) and that's what's going on this weekend!

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