Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jamie's Socks

Today, I couldn't get out of bed before 10 am. At that point, I showered, did a few things in my office to prepare for school today, put together my lunch for today (thank goodness for leftover pasta from dinner last night - which I made a portion for Angela to take to work for lunch as well - I hope she enjoyed that!) and got my butt out of the door to get to the bank, then off to school.

School was long, and boring, but I got some work done on my session project in my Adobe Illustrator class, and then in my late afternoon class, I got my project back from last week (my estimation project that I worked on ALL of last Wednesday, and got 18.5/20 on that project. I'm very happy with this mark. There were a few errors that I wasn't happy with - that I made, but what can I do? In this class I so far have a mark of 65%/70%. Our final project is worth 30%, so that will hopefully get me a nice 30/30, since I know my mistakes from this project that I just did now, it's the same format for the final project, but we just have to do the work on our own, instead of the teacher helping us out. If I get 30/30 or close to it, my final mark out of 100, would be 95% (if I get 30/30) and if not, somewhere close to that! I hope to get that finished so that maybe I don't have to show up to the final class! Maybe get some time off to study for the exam the following day. We'll see. I don't think it will take me 3 weeks to do this project, I just want to get it over and done with - so that I don't have to think about it anymore, you know? Work on other things. So much to do in the final three weeks of school!

- Think about portfolio (& correct mistakes on pieces that I want to include)
- Finish IPOD creation for Photoshop- Finish Poster for Adobe Illustrator
- Finish 12 page brochure for my imposition class
- Finish 16 page brochure for my Quark Class- Finish Die Cut project (and start it) for Montage Class
- Finish Estimation project for this class I had today
- Study for Illustrator Exam (which we were given the 10 questions and the 10 answers for it, today in class)
- Study for Imposition exam (we're reviewing it tomorrow)
- Study for Quark Exam (revision will be given hopefully next week, since I wont be there Monday). (If not, I hope to get it from someone).

Anyhow, I'm sure the next three weeks will go by with a breeze. Just a lot of things that need to accompany the actual final project, (research, thumbnails, sketches, etc) and just little details that I need to think about - so I hope to get things done properly and correctly.

This evening I made dinner for both Jamie and I, we had salmon, with some rice, and homemade salad, (I attempted and I think I did a good job at mimicking my mother-in-law's homemade salad dressing recipe), and it was a nice dinner.

We watched Big Brother tonight on TV, and other mindless TV, and I worked on closing the toes on Jamie's sock. It's done, except the grafting. Here's me modelling his sock (which is slightly loose on me!)

I love the way the sock turned out (pattern & all!) Can't wait to finish sock #2!

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