Monday, July 03, 2006

Bad Start For New Tenants

So, after all the trouble last night with my project, and staying up until almost 2 am working on it - and getting only about 4 1/2 hours of sleep, and still not finishing the assignment, I get to school this morning and I had project left at home on my desktop. I swear I had transfered it to my USB key, and witnessed the little green bars in the progress of the transfer, last night, before going to bed, but this morning, upon getting to school and plugging in my USB key to open the file and work on it - it wasn't there. No where to be found on my USB key.

I was not a happy camper..... (after spending 45 minutes trying to find free parking, since today a lot of people aren't working, as they took today off (as Canada day fell on a Saturday, they were entitled to 1 day off - some people took Friday, some people took today, so I knew that I would probably have troubles finding a spot, so I left extra early, so I wouldn't be late to class.

Almost no one showed up to school today. Those who did - the teacher helped us finish our quiz. That part that I got stuck at - was on purpose. I HAD marked down all the notes correctly, but he purposely left out a part, so that we'd try to solve it ourselves, but today, in class he was willing to help those who didn't figure it out. (Which was all of us - as we had not learned that part of Photoshop yet - even with his review beforehand). Even with the books, and references available, I was no able to solve it on my own, because I didn't know what I was looking for

Well, my file. It was still at home. Called Jamie - and woke him (poor guy). He was not able to send me my file - as I couldn't get onto MSN messenger at school (which can transfer large files) (I think messenger is blocked so we can't chat on it) and my file was 17MB so it wasn't emailable.

I was going to call my dad, and ask him how to use the FTP upload (and get a username/password) so I could use his database to transfer my file, but upon thinking about it - I decided (since I had already done it at home, and knew what all the beginning steps were) that it would be super simple to re-do it in class. So I re-did it. And, I like it better second time around. Items were more precise, etc... So here's the original version the teacher gave us as a flattened image - so that we can "re-create" what he did.

Once that was handed in, I felt soooooooooo much better. I then started working on my DVD cover, that we have to design in Photoshop, which is due in two weeks. I am doing the DVD box cover for The Little Mermaid. First, I needed a mermaid, so in Illustrator I traced Ariel in a "scene" and started to colour her in - but then class ended for today, so this is my progress:

The colours are not 100% finalized yet and there are colours missing, but so far, it's coming along great.

For lunch today had veggie sushi, which has fullfiled my craving for sushi for the time being. I can't eat raw fish while pregnant, so veggies will have to do. It was actually a vegetarian california roll, and it was delish!

This afternoon in class, I worked on gathering information for my travel brochure for my Quark class. It's not due until week 14 (we're in week 10 right now) so I'm not worried. Time will pass by very quickly I'm sure, so I need to make sure that gets done. I have all the text that I want to enter into the brochure (which is 16 pages long!) and I am sure it will all fit nicely together now.

After class, I went to Omer DeSerres for portfolio cases for my Graphic Design portfolio. I hope that I have enough good pieces to put into my portfolio, to actually get some work. I don't know what work is good enough to put into my portfolio, but we'll see what my teacher says. I do have some pieces of work that just need some corrections, so we'll see what happens. The portfolio cases that I bought were majorly on sale, so I picked up 3 different sizes, so we'll see which one works best, (they are returnable). (By the way, the link above for Omer, has some fun DIY projects on their site.

After Omer, I headed to Walmart in Montreal-Nord for that yarn! I also, while there, found the sweatpants that Jamie likes but that our Walmart near us was sold out of. (He needed a new pair for softball). I figured that since today people were off and there would be no rush hour traffic, that it was a GREAT opportunity to drive out to that area of Montreal at the hour that I did.

When I got home, Jamie made dinner (beef & brocoli) and it was delish!

My new tenant was supposed to show up to pick up her keys and drop off rent in cash for the month of July, and I her called at 6pm, left a message that I was on my way home, called at 7pm, left a message that I was waiting for her. I then called at 8pm and mentioned that if she doesn't show up and pay the cash that she wanted to, I will have to deposit the check that she gave me for first month's rent. (Now I'm starting to think that I should have gotten a post-dated check for last month's rent, which I will be doing from now on). Called a house number that I had (the other calls were to a cell phone for the person who's name is on the lease) and got someone who said she wasn't in, but "did she call me?" I said no, (confused) and told her to tell my tenant to call me as soon as possible. Just tried the cell again, at 9pm, no answer, and I did not leave a message. I will try again at 9:30. I will try again at 10 pm. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow morning I am calling the bank to see if the check she wrote me will be honoured (if there is enough money in the account) and if so, cashing it. After that I don't care when she will decide to move in.

Tomorrow she has a brief window in the morning to come pick up the keys, and a really brief window in the late afternoon to pick up the keys, or tomorrow will be gone (I'm going to Jazz Fest tomorrow night to see Sam Roberts and a bunch of other bands do a Paul Simon tribute) and Wednesday I've got my 2nd OBGYN appointment, and then I have plans with my mother and grandmother for lunch. Wednesday night I'm going knitting. So - this will definitely be interesting.... Off to a really bad start, and I'm not too happy about it at all.....

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