Friday, July 14, 2006

Mason-Dixon Knitting

Today I started knitting the Baby Kimono (knitted in ONE piece) from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I just got it in the mail today, when I got in from school.

Today was a very blah day. Worked on a project (after some theory) in my class this morning, and then had a make-up class after that class, so I was in class later than usual for a Friday. That's okay though. Got home, hubby brought me a salad from my fave salad place right now (Marathon's - Mmmm!) and I then headed to Walmart - where I ended up spending more money than I should have - BUT - I took home a few things in a few different sizes, since I don't like to try on stuff at Walmart. So I do have some things now to return. (Sometime soon).
In-law's came for dinner, (BBQ with my mother-in-law's salad on the side - I HEART her salad dressing - Mmmmmm delish!) and while Jamie & gang played poker, I watched Corpse Bride (Cynthia - you were right, Nightmare Before Xmas was Sooooooooooooo much better!) and started knitting the above kimono. I really don't like the circulars I'm using, I find they are wayyyy to stiff. I am thinking about changing them to bamboo's - but I'm afraid the baby soft yarn (whatever it is I'm using) will stick to the bamboo needles (that's why bamboo is not always the greatest) and then, that won't be good.
Tomorrow night we're getting together with my friend Sherrie who is in from out of town, and that will be nice to see her. I am upset with her for not staying with us (she blames it on two things 1- Brad's never been to Montreal before, and she wants to be downtown to show him downtown) and also, 2- she blames her partying/drinking/smoking bad for the baby, so she doesn't want that bad influence on me. Pooh her! I would have loved to have them stay with us. Sherrie says she's coming back in the fall when Brad goes off to service for 3 months (he's a US Coast Guard) and will have time free, so she'll come down before the baby is born and then again when the baby is born to meet the little one. I love that Boston is only about a 5 1/2 hour drive, and that it's accessible for us to see each other every couple of months.
Other than that, I will be working on my DVD cover all weekend, as I have to finish it up - it's due on Monday morning at 8 am!

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