Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Diaper Cakes Are Cute

The baby shower I went to this evening was not bad. You could tell that my side of the family clung together and hung out while the mom-to-be's family hung out on the other side of the room. It was nice to see everyone and some of the food was good, so I was in heaven. (Haven't really been in the cooking mood lately). Anyhow, tonight my cousin got a really cute diaper cake as a baby shower present. I looked them up online and found a tutorial on how to make them, and found that there are three different "levels" (if you will) on presentation.
First you have the simple diaper cake, with just diapers & decoration:
Then you have the diapers with some added goodies (a suss here, a bear there, attach a rattle and some teething toys):
Then you have the "mack daddy" of diaper cakes, with complete "bling bling" for babies:
Let's just say I hope my baby gets spoiled by a relative with a "mack daddy" diaper cake! Looks like soooo much fun!
So - you are all waiting to see my hair cut!!! Right? The inches I cut off this afternoon! It started with about 2 inches, and then I cut off another 2 (that's why in the picture it doesn't look like long strands... because I did the hair cut in 2... first a little, then a little more. And - I thought Jamie would be very upset - lol - and that's why I didn't tell him first - because he didn't say anything at all when I showed him, but that it looks nice. WoW! A guy that likes long hair! hmmmm!
To tell you the truth, my hair is soooooooooooooooo much lighter now, and doesn't feel heavy (this heat wasn't helping either). But there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman wanting to cut off some hair!
Here is my hair before the cut: (I haven't touched cut it in a long time, and here's an older picture to prove the length it was about!)

And at last - the new 'do:

Gotta love my curls, eh? (I hate them, I wish I had naturally straight hair! UGH!)

What do you think???! I love it. I love that it doesn't feel heavy when I put my hair up anymore.

In other news, I got my extra ball of Lanett sock yarn today from Cynthia (THANKS DOLL!) but have not had time to photograph that today (I'm dying to get into bed, I've got a long day at school tomorrow and I'm zonked!) and so I will photograph the loot tomorrow & post!

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