Friday, April 14, 2006

3 Done, 3 to go + 5 Exams

This morning I slept in as much as I could. I was zonked, had to sleep in.

At 1pm, I showed my apartment upstairs to this guy named Carl who seemed to be interested in the place. He said he would call me back by tomorrow or Sunday with an answer if he was going to apply or not for the apartment.

After Carl left, I went to go meet Laura at Tim Horton's not too far from my house. There, I ran into Jimmy and Denise, who are Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle, it was nice chatting with them for a bit, before they left, and it was good timing with when Laura showed up!

While at Tim Horton's working on my assignment, I had a very good bagel; 12 grain bagel from Tim Horton's are very good.

We worked on the poster until it got so cold in Tim Horton's, I think they made it that cold in there on purpose, so that you'd get cold and then want to leave, so you don't loiter. So after we were done working on the poster we moved to my backyard to finish the typed portion of the assignment (brainstorming process, etc.) We finally finished but as Laura was leaving, it was when Daniel (Jamie's friend) showed up - Jamie now has people over now for poker.

So that's 3 assignments done (Visual Communications, Illustration (Adobe Illustrator class) and Web Site Design) and 3 more to finish (Photoshop II, Editions II (Quark Xpress class), and Typography assignment) and 5 exams to study for next week. (Two on Tuesday, Two on Thursday and One on Friday!) FUN FUN FUN FUN!

Tonight I watched Lost from Wednesday night and The OC from Thursday night on my computer as I forgot to tape them while we went to the Passover Seder's and so I downloaded them yesterday/today. Lost was just okay, and I find the OC is going downhill... I am not enjoying it much like I used to.

For dinner tonight, I ate leftover passover food that my mother sent us home with last night. Usually it's Jamie's dad and step-mom whom send us home with food - but this time of the year, my mom has extra food - it was still tasty and delicious.

I chilled out in the den after cleaning my office and watched the movie, Flightplan. Eh, it was just okay. Wasn't really impressed. Jodie Foster did a good job, but the story was just far fetched.

Going to bed early, Jamie still has people over playing poker, our usual Friday night gang and I just am zonked, so I'm going to lie in bed and watch TV or a movie or something, haven't decided yet. Tomorrow I have to get up early to take my car to get a new windshield installed as there is a crack in the one on my car now. What a bummer.

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