Saturday, April 08, 2006

Being Stood Up

This morning I got up about 45 minutes before prospective tenants were supposed to come over to view my apartment for rent, did a couple of things around the house, and basically hung out until they were supposed to show up. I sat outside in the front of my house, as Jamie was working in the front of the house in the yard, so I sat on the stairs talking with him.

My grandmother had a thing at the golden age center around the corner from my house, so she had parked her car on my street. I just so happened to be outside as my grandmother and her two sisters were walking back to their car - so I chatted with them a little bit and then my grandmother realized she had a gift for me in her car, from her trip to Florida this past winter (she brought each grandchild back a gift - we all got the same item, just in different colours!) I was soooo excited to get a pink watch! Just me favourite colour in the entire world!

I love it. I will wear it well.

So those people stood me up. I was stood up yesterday and again today. What is wrong with these people? If they're going to book an appointment with me to see my place for rent, show up or call to say that you're not going to make it - or that you've found another place. But no - people just don't care. However, I did get another phone call - and they showed up right away after calling. 5 people (I'm guessing that two are a couple because it's only a 4 bedroom place) and a German Sherpard/Newfoundland dog. Uhm.. yeah, I don't think so. I think they thought that the place was a little small for them - but they said it's an option and they'll call me later on if they decide to take the place. I'm not holding my breath - I don't think I want 5 people around my age living above me - with a dog. Not even a small dog - it's a pretty large dog!
I was sad that I couldn't go to the knitting meetup downtown today, but I had WAY too much homework to take care of - look over and also - a lot of laundry to do, house chores as well. House chores - they will never end.
I worked on my Geisha assignment for my Adobe Illustrator class, and that is coming along great. I have some more work to do on it - of course, but it will come along in the end and get done. I hope I get a good mark on this assignment - afterall - it's simply just tracing the template of a geisha girl with an umbrella - etc. How hard can that be? LOL...I will post a picture once I have accomplished more of the image.
Jamie had a friend over this afternoon and he (Daniel) stayed for Soprano's this evening. I watched Sopranos and Big Love on HBO while working on my socks, and actually are at the same point in both socks right now. I got a LOT of knitting done on my second sock between the 1 hour drive up north last night (my dad drove) up to my cousin Jenn's engagement party at Camp B'nai Brith of Montreal, and today during Sopranos/Big Love. I just need to see how much more I need to knit before closing the toe- and then close the toe! I am JUST ABOUT DONE my first pair of socks! WOOHOO! So excited. I can't wait to start pair number 2!
Speaking of the engagement party, I had a good time last night. The room was very nice, (wasn't sure what to expect as I had never been into the Retirement Retreat Center, and I haven't been to the camp since in 10 years (since 1996! - wow - I can't believe it's been 10 years!) I brought my camera up - but didn't take a single picture. I did use the disposable camera that was on the table at the party though. Can't wait to see what turns out from those crazy pictures. My mom did take pictures though, a ton of them - so I'm waiting for those pictures, and then I'll post some on here.

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