Thursday, April 20, 2006

Long Day From Hell

I took this photograph this morning before leaving the house for my long day of hell. Spring is coming and I am getting sooooo excited about that! I love spring - one of my favourite seasons. That is for sure.

This morning I had a bunch of things to print out before leaving the house for school, and I also had to make sure that I had all my files burned onto CD and all my supplies and parts to my project. It took a while to make sure everything was in order, but it was well worth it - because I didn't forget anything that I needed at home - which sometimes happens, and is the case with me. But not today - I had everything and people were coming to me for supplies. It's their fault for not bringing shit - and I only loaned out my supplies to certain people. Some people I just didn't care if they finished or not - hey this is a competitive field, you know?? They'd do the same, so it wasn't like it wasn't fair.

My morning's class was in two parts. Part 1 - do the exam. Part 2 - finish and hand in projects. My exam, which was corrected on screen in front of us, was a major joke. I got 20/20 - of course, really was not worried about that exam. (Using the software Quark Xpress). As far as my project goes, everything was done, I just had to get help from my teacher to cut the "pochette" we made, and fold it and put everything all together in the "pochette". I was very happy when it was done and handed in. I also got my project back that I did on Sabrina Ward Harrison. The "Artist" project. We had to create an invite, poster, magazine ad, magazine cover for an exhibit of an artist of our choice. Since I love the colours that Sabrina works with - I chose her. I got 16.83/20 on that project, which is not too shabby.

The exam in typography - was wicked hard. I didn't know the shortcuts to certain things in Quark - which I probably should have - but I'm the type of person that finds the function in the tool bar, and doesn't really use shortcuts (unless it's copy, paste, undo move, or like save, print, etc.. THE EASY ONES! Oh and I do know apple (or control on a pc) zero and apple T (transform) , apple d (deselect) in photoshop). I didn't even think to study shortcuts for Stylesheet, etc... for the exam. Oh well. I am sure I passed, but maybe not by much. Oh well. I just need to pass that class, that's all. Which I am sure I did. That - I am not worried about.

Handed in my project, and I was out of there. (I did go through about 4 cd-r's which I kept bumming off people, as I kept remembering to fix something after burning the info to my CD). I wanted to kick myself for that stupidity, and the stupidity of not bringing extra blanks to class. I should have known better!

Today was the longest day in hell at school... but I told myself at the beginning of the week that if I made it through to today... then I would survive! And voila - I made it through today! ALIVE!

This evening Jamie and I just vegged out on the couch watching TV. Didn't feel like doing much. We watched Survivor, and then CSI and Without A Trace.

Well, off to bed. Have one more exam tomorrow...

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