Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not Too Fond of the Wynn (In Regards to Gambling)

This afternoon we checked out a few more hotels. We also, had dinner at Margaritaville, which I fulfilled my craving for a burger. I don't know why, but I was dying for a cheeseburger.

Alcohol and Pregnancy Don't Mix
Drinking alcohol while you're pregnant puts your baby in danger.
Common consequences of drinking alcohol include:

-Fetal alcohol syndrome, the most common cause of mental retardation
-Physical defects such as bent, fused, webbed, or missing fingers or toes; facial and organ deformities; and curved spine and hip dislocations
-Low birth weight
-Decreased attention span
And this is why I've decided to not drink on my trip. Just incase I could be pregnant, and well, I shouldn't be drinking anyhow, if I want to get pregnant if I am not yet.
Tonight, we walked all the way over the Wynn hotel. Jamie wanted to play poker there. So I decided to play a little bit of slots. However, little did I realized, that I kept losing 100$ bills there, so, I was down 300$ when I left there. I don't know what possessed me to keep trying to win money, but the good thing is - that I signed up for a Wynn Player's card, and have some free meals on the card for their All You Can Eat Buffet. Which is a value of approx. 25-35$ plus taxes, depending on when you go there, per person. (Expensive hotel - expensive buffet). It's 150 pointes per meal, and I have just over 360 points. Sucks to lose, lol... (You get points for losing).
As you can see, I hate the Wynn. Not very fond of gambling there. Oh well. Still up though on my winnings, so that's good. At least I gambled away "Free" money.

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