Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Errands Done, Almost Ready to Leave

Got up. My grandmother came over to pick up the keys to my place and go over everything with me.. She's watching my cats (feeding them, etc) and bringing in my mail, while I'm in Vegas. It was very nice of her to do this for me, I better pick her up something extra special in Vegas.

After she left, I finished doing some laundry and finished packing my bags. I AM VERY IMPRESSED ON HOW LIGHT I HAVE PACKED! I usually overpack! This is new for me! LOL. The new Robyn!

Went to do some errands with Jamie. First, I picked up some soda, bags of chips, a trashy magazine for myself (I only read those on the plane) and a Maxum for Jamie. Jamie Lynn Sigler of Sopranos is on the cover, I am sure he'll love that! (He also only get Maxum when on plane rides).

Next stop was Payless. Jamie needed new sneakers, so he got a new pair by Champion.

Anyhow, it's 2:33pm now, and we're being picked up at 4pm by Jamie's step-mother. My brother - if he remembers, will be picking us up at the airport on Sunday. We land at 9:18 am (red eye Sat night home).


Need to go fill up the cat food container so my grandmother doesn't have to lift a huge bag to feed the cats, and also since we still have time, I want to shower and maybe watch 24 from last night with Jamie.

I HOPE to have net access in Vegas. If not I'll probably go nuts! So check back for updates! Have a good week everyone!

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