Saturday, April 22, 2006

Backwards Knitting - Don't Try This At Home

This morning I HAD to sleep in. Even though it wasn't late, it was still something. I got up near 10:30 am, and at this point, it was just on time to show the apartment to Adam of Toronto. He was supposed to get into Montreal last night, but since protesters set fire to the train tracks in Ontario, he had to be bussed from Toronto, until after that fire, and then take the train into Montreal, delaying him by hours. Indians are fighting for some land that is theirs, so it won't be built on. Click here for the story.

I felt a good vibe from Adam. On top of it - he REALLY liked the place. It was just a shame that my tennants were sleeping, and, well, he didn't get to see the master bedroom. I did show him mine though, since it was the same size, and I really want him to like the place, and want to sign a lease. I'd rather him - alone with his small dog - than 3 x 21 year old university students. He filled out an application - but said he would get back to me after seeing other places that he had lined up for his trip. Of course he has to cover ground, since he won't be in town very long. He will be leaving Monday, so if all is well, he will need to sign a lease before he leaves.

I really hope it works out with him. He seems like a nice person to have living upstairs from you.
This afternoon my 2pm didn't even bother to show up. Around 4pm, upstairs called, to ask me if they were showing up - because they wanted to leave. At that point, I said "I guess they're not showing up" and was royally annoyed that they "waited" at home just because I was supposed to show the place. I am the landlord. I DO OWN a key to their door. They DON'T have to stay home waiting for people to show up. I can't control people making appointments and then not keeping them. (on a side note - I usually take a call back number for apt's I make - but this one I just forgot... and just took the guy's name).

Here is my backyard, as of yesterday:

(It was nice and sunny yesterday)
Today, Jamie and his friend Michel spent the afternoon in our backyard working:

This is what my backyard looks like now:

This area (above) that is within the wood border, will be our patio area, where the tiles are being moved from the center of the "lawn" to the side of the house, where will be put a patio table with an umbrella - once we buy one - which I am hoping is soon. I hope to get a 6-8 seater table. (Hoping more for the 8 seater - for more guests!) We love to BBQ in the summer, and what's a BBQ without family & friends.

Jamie has Michel coming back tomorrow morning around 8 am - I hope it doesn't rain - for their sake! I wonder how long it will take to finish our backyard? I want to be able to plant in our garden around mother's day - which is when you should be planting!
This evening Jamie and I watched the hockey game. WE WON 6-1! Go MONTREAL! It's game one of the Playoff Series, and we're playing Carolina. I hope we win the series, that would be friggin' awesome.
During the game, I knitted...

At first I was not really too sure what I did though - because I was knitting - (not purling, but only after 3-4 rows did I realize - that it was showing that I was purling, but I wasn't?
Took me some time to realize what I had done. Instead of knittting counter clock wise - I knitted clockwise. So basically, I was still knitting in the round, but instead of the project facing me as it is in the picture, I was actually looking at the inside while knitting. And because I had JUST turned the heel - the yarn should have been crossed back over from purling to knitting. So since I had put the project down and away (after turning the heel) when I picked it back up - I continued on from where the string was - without paying attention - I was knitting inside out. HAD I purled the way I was going - it would have shown as a knit stitch - on the outside of the sock. (Follow?)
So..... had to frog it for a second time - and since I couldn't figure out where the end of my turned heel was - I had to frog it to just before the heel turning. Which actually was fine by me - because I had made a small error in the turning of the heel again - and this way - I knew for sure, that I wouldn't make that same mistake again!
I was honestly thinking about considering to rib the foot - three rows knit, three rows purl, etc.... HOWEVER..... I wasn't sure if that was going to be at all bumpy, and also - because this was an error, one side had an extra row than the side before.... so it was uneven. Fun, fun.
Don't try that at home. I do not recommend it!
Pretty Woman was on ABC tonight. Gosh, I love that movie. Richard Gere - Mmmm! Julia Roberts - Ahhh! What a great movie. I watched it from where it was - after the hockey game. It had already started.
Going to go crawl into bed with Jamie.

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