Friday, April 28, 2006

Local Yarn Shop Too Far - But Met at Chippendale!

So upon getting up this morning, Jamie and I had decided that he would get over to the MGM Grand to play in the poker room and I would go over to the LYS and to Michaels and then meet him there.

Got ready, took my time, took a nice hot shower, and then went down to the lobby. Decided since there was no on on the internet in the lobby, to check my email and toss my friend Miriam an email - since it was her birthday yesterday, and I kept trying to get to a phone, but never did.

I then asked the front desk about the LYS. Turns out - we were at 3100 Tropicana West and the LYS - Wolly Wonders was at 3421 EAST Tropicana! Apparently it was on the other side of the airport, and the airport was a 19$ cab ride. That went that.

Then I inquired about Michaels. Apparently the closest one by cab was about a 4 mile drive, which would have been a 20$ cab ride at least each way. (The airport was not even 2 miles from the strip, but you had to take the highway to get over to where our hotel was - so it was a little more than 2-3 miles driven to get around). There was NO WAY that I was going to pay 40$ round trip and spend 80$ in cabs to get to and from the LYS and Michaels.

I was a little disappointed.

On my way to the MGM Grand to meet Jamie - I got my picture taken just outside the Tropicana Hotel for 20$ for a 5x7 with a Chippendale! Good laughs!

Met Jamie at the MGM grand and played some Texas Hold'em. I lost 100$ so I walked away from the table. Wasn't really too happy about that.

Today we spent the afternoon at the Flamingo for a bit, and then for dinner we took the bus over to the Old Strip on Fremont Street just off of the new strip which is Las Vegas Blvd. We walked around a bit over there, and then ate dinner at the Upper Deck restaurant in the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

At the Upper Deck restaurant - they have the 9 lb burger. 9 POUNDS! (For size referance, take a look at the FULL SIZE ketchup bottle behind the burger!)

For those non-diet conscious carnivores who consider a half-pound hamburger a mere appetizer, the Upper Deck Restaurant at the Vegas Club Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas has just the hamburger: the 9 pound "Big Daddy Burger." Served with a bun 12" in diameter, a half head of lettuce, two tomatoes, two onions, four pickles, mayo, mustard and 12 slices of American cheese, the burger big enough to feed a softball team is available for $49.99. If one person finishes the burger within 24 hours, it is free!

CRAZY! I'd like to see the person who can eat this. In 24 hours.

Tonight was fun, I bought some more souvenirs for people at home, and some for friends (which I will ship off to them in their next package) and had a good time walking around. Took the bus back to our hotel street (then it was another 10 minute walk from the bus stop) and took some pictures from the front row of the top deck of the bus. The ride from downtown is so ghetto between downtown and the Wynn hotel. (Ghetto includes Circus Circus, the Stardust, etc.... it's looks like a scene from some white trash movie where people get killed). I kid you not. We were scared to get off the bus.

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