Saturday, April 15, 2006

Visiting Friends & Movie Day

Today upon getting up (after sleeping in) and taking my car to the shops, we decided to watch Walk The Line. It was rainy outside, and we had wanted to work in the garden today, but the wetness outside prevented us from doing so. So after returning from dropping my car off at the shop (to get my front windshield replaceed - due to a crack that kept running) we watched the movie. What an excellent movie - we both really enjoyed it.

We hung out all afternoon, pretty much doing nothing exciting. I had to pick up my car shortly after watching the movie, and then I had to show the apartment upstairs at 2pm, to a couple who seemed to really like the place - and took an application. They said they'd drop off the application sometime soon, if they were still interested.

I showed the apartment around 3:30pm again, this time to a guy named Xavier, who is only 21. He will be moving in with 2 roommates and possibly his girlfriend. They are all 21 and University de Montreal students. I am not too sure that they are exactly who I want to rent the place, but if they are quiet and don't bother us too much, and pay on time, then what could the problem be? I just don't want parties going on every weekend where I can't sleep because of noise, and also, I don't want to have to "baby-sit" them, and have them call us for every single little thing, considering they are inexperienced on living on their own. Anyhow, he said he was very interested in the place, and just needs to convince his roommates, and will call me back this evening (which he didn't).

After he left, I ran over to the licquor commission to pick up a bottle of wine for our dinner party this evening at Michel & Louise's place. And eventually we got packed up and went over to their place.

Dinner was nice. We stayed for a bit after dinner - had some dessert and eventually headed home.

I'm now going to go crawl into bed with Jamie -and watch the movie Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart. Looks funny.

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