Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jet Lagged

It's 6:16pm. I just ate some dinner. Got home just before 10 am, and my brother picked us up from the airpot, and I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I didn't sleep on the red eye home, I just couldn't. It was a packed flight, and I was really not comfrotable. It was the worst 4 hour flight of my life. The guy sitting to my right, at the window seat first off snored, and his head kept leaning towards me - in the middle seat. Ew. Jamie was on my left. He perfers the aisle seat.

In the airport, Jamie & I had gotten there early, so we killed 2 hours and watched the movie Saw II on my dad's portable DVD player, that we borred (we have one, but he has 2 extra batteries for his - for extra play time). What a crazy movie. CRAZY!

Before starting the movie, I was eyeing this Guess purse at the duty free shop across from our Gate. MAN. I wanted to buy it, but Jamie wouldn't let me. Said I didn't need any more purses. Damn It! The entire time we were watching the movie, I kept turning back to eye the purse at the front of the shop. It was 85$US and I could not justify paying that. Plus taxes I think. Even though it's duty free, I think you still need to pay taxes. I'll check online for it later.

Then, on the plane, we watched the movie Jarhead. It was also really good. I really enjoyed it. Killed another 2 hours (of a 4 hours flight that I couldn't sleep on).

The rest of the flight I watcehd Animal Planet on the Canadian Satellite TV (each seat had their own!) And then after that, custom forms were handed out, filled out and by the time after adding up bills, etc, it was time to prepare for landing.

I slep for about 45 minutes on the 2nd flight, which was probably a bad idea, as it made me even more cranky when we landed in Montreal from Toronto. Our lugguage was one of the first ones off, thank goodness.

While standing waiting for our lugguage though, Jamie's dad took a chance and called my cell. I had it on already, incase my brother (who picked us up) was trying to get in touch with us. Turns out, he was at my house, because my alarm went off. And it was the second time this week, that it had gone off, a motion detector IN the house. (No break-ins). The first time, Thursday morning, Jamie's dad - who is the number one call on the list while we were out of town, was in the dentist's chair when it happened, so the police were sent. They couldn't find anything, so they left. (They obviously could not get into the house).

... The alarm company is going to hear about this. And they're going to get a mouthful. This is not the first trip we've taken that the cats have set off the alarm.

I am sooooo glad to be home. It felt great to sleep today from 10 am - 5pm in my own bed. It felt so good I was out cold! I have NO idea how I'm going to sleep tonight, and I have an 8 am class tomorrow morning.

Laundry to go sort. Fun fun! Later!

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