Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Geisha Done & Elle Canada Jury

Last night I napped from 6pm until about 8pm - oh did it feel great. I don't udnerstand what has gotten into me lately - but I have been napping a great deal. I feel like I have constant fatigue.

This morning I got up, expecting Peter at 8:30 am to finish the sealant in my bathroom - the job that he started. But he didn't show up at 8:30 am so I started to clean up my office.

Steve ended up showing up and not Peter by 9:45 am. I didn't even realize it was Steve, until it was time to write out the check at the end of the job (got it done for half price, due to Peter's stupidities two weeks ago about) and was soooo happy that it was Steve that ended up finishing the job, and not Peter fuckface.

As Steve was leaving, the people to see my apartment for rent showed up. They seemed interested - but didn't say anything, so I guess I have to wait to see if the agent calls me back or something? I'm not really too sure what that was all about - because the housing agent came with the guy's mother, and it's for the son the apartment or something, so I have no idea. They also have a dog - but a small one, so that I don't mind at all... as long as they know that the dog will be walked and not put out in my backyard to shit on my grass. No way. Thank goodness my front lawn there is no access - as it's blocked in by bushes. Phew.

I got my parcel from ELLE CANADA Magazine. I had entered and got a spot on their Jury. I have a bunch of products to test - which should be interesting, seeing as though I have 3 categories. Face Moisterizer - okay, cool, but then the last two categories - are NOT my thing.... Eye Makeup remover (I don't wear makeup) and also Shampoo and Conditioner for Colour Treated hair. I don't have colour treated hair - but I do have dry hair - so maybe it'll work on my hair because it's dry (so says the girl who called me back when I called to tell them that I think I'm on the wrong jury because I don't have colour treated hair. I have until June 19th to use up all the products and in the booklet I have to fill out there is a certain amount of time I'm supposed to test out each product. Each bottle they sent is stickered over with ELLE stickers so I can't see the brand - but a few of the products, by the way the bottle is - I can tell what brand it is... ANd some of the bottles - the ELLE stickers are easy to get off - but they leave the bottle sticky, so I'm not going to pull them off. YEY! I have 5 free bottle of shampoo and 5 free bottles of conditioner - as well as 5 free bottles of eye makeup remover and 5 free bottles of face moisterizer, which if I like them, I can use more than just the 1 weeks trial - because it's full size tubes and stuff! Pretty neat. I wonder if I have a friend or someone who wears makeup on a regular basis who wants to try out the eye makeup remover for me. I really don't want to start wearing eye makeup - cuz then that means wearing my contacts instead of my glasses - and I'm not really into that. Anyone want to help the jury? Free bottles of eyemake up remover! LOL.

I just just just just finished my Geisha image - it's due tomorrow at noon. I have some other homework to prepare for 8 am tomorrow morning, but I will start on that a little now, and then I will finish whatever I can tonight after I get back in from the Passover Seder at Jamie's cousin Lori & David's house. We'll be seeing Jamie's mom's side of the family tonight. I made sure pack with the present that we're bringing to their house - a copy of my wedding video that I have for Jamie's mom. Everyone else has a copy (my parents, Jamie's dad & Step-mom, Jamie's sister Andrea has a copy too) that last person left was Jamie's mom and her wife. I have been hanging on to it for a while, finally seeing them tonight. (It's been a while since we've seen them last - can't even recall the last time I've seen them - I'm thinking not since Jamie's birthday in December, I can't think of another time we have seen them since...). And that was the beginning of December. Wow - I haven't seen them yet this year. That's crazy. There have been no birthdays, and we didn't get together with them for Jamie's mom's birthday - which I thought we would have - but didn't - and there have been no other special occasions since....)

Well, I have some other homework to try and prepare for tomorrow - so I will get to that - and then I still need to get myself ready for dinner tonight at Jamie's cousin's house. More later!

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