Monday, April 17, 2006

School Projects

I absolutely love this photograph - ain't it gorgeous? I did a selection in Photoshop and used it in my website re-creation project that is due tomorrow morning. But this picture is just what Spring is all about - lively and vibrant!
Today I ran into Margaret, Jamie's step-aunt at Walmart, I went to do a return, and she was on her way in while I was on my way out. It was very nice to talk to her, for a few minutes, before I had to run off to school.
Laura and I handed in our organ poster project, and the teacher really really liked it. I am so glad. I think I am going to get a really good mark in my Visual Communications class. Phew! I got my portfolio project back today and I got 23/25, and I am very happy with my mark. It was also the best mark in the class. Go me!
On my way home, I stopped and did some groceries and picked up some art supplies for my project that is due on Thursday. I needed Bristol Board, Manilla Construction paper, Vellum, Acetate, amongst some other items. I found some at the art store near me house and some other items at the dollar store (good dollar store) around the corner from my house.
I worked on my project that is due tomorrow and then ate dinner with Jamie. We had chicken wings as well as nachos with cheese and salsa melted on it. Delicious. I kinda copied what we had on Saturday night at Michel & Louise (the way she made the nachos) and it was soo good. Not very on track with my diet - but very good nonetheless.
We watched 24 this evening, and then I worked a bit more on my project. I worked on both my photoshop assignment and my website that is due tomorrow. I realized that I can't have any lorem ipsum in the project, so I had to put in real text. That was nothing to fix up. I should probably have made my project more "graphic design-y" but I left it as is - as I didn't have any more time to keep working more on it - after all it was very nice - so I think.
Going to go hop into bed now.

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