Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Took Time To Knit!

Today, my only day off during the week, I spent doing homework, ALL DAY LONG. By about 3pm I had finished my project that is due tomorrow at 8 am. By the time 6pm came along, I was well along in my project that is due tomorrow by 6:30pm. I had plugged in all the photos, Angela whom I went knitting with tonight helped me turn some of the photos into duotones, and all I had left at that point was to type up my information on what the subject of the pamphlet was on. My text boxes were already placed, and ready to go. My first completed project was a "pochette" which we had to create using a template with the subject "WELCOME TO MY WORLD"... so I chose to do it on KNITTING! What else! Lol... Its my world now! My project due tomorrow afternoon is an informational pamphlet on breastfeeding. I wanted to learn more on the subject, that's why I chose to do my pamphlet on that subject.

I went knitting tonight for three hours. It was nice to get out of the house. I really had to. I was going crazy by the time 6pm came along. Angela came over to my place, and came with me to knitting. First though, we made a pit stop at Walmart as I had a return to do. I had a shirt that I didn't like the way it fit to return as well as some yarn that I didn't need. YES - I RETURNED YARN. I didn't need those colours, and there was no point in keeping them if I really didn't need them, you know? If I should ever need to use those colours in the future - then I will purchase them again. But for now, Walmart only takes back up to 90 days, and well, the yarn was just sitting here, without any use for it. So.... better to have it returned and if I will need it again, well, then I'll go purchase it again. That's the plan.

Knitting tonight was fun, until some guy went to the bathroom (we got stuck at tables near the bathroom) and well - to be blunt - took a dump. Whenever the men's bathroom door after that opened and closed... well - you get the picture...... I wanted to vomit. Emma - who was there sitting next to me, also - got to the point where she wanted to puke as well. It was kind of gross... let me tell you. So, I finally got really annoyed and moved seats. I sat next to some new members who came to join us, and it was really nice getting to know them. Meeting new people is always fun. You know? I love it.

I met Veronik tonight, a long time Montreal knitter with Montreal Knits, but we just hadn't met yet, since i'm a new knitter. Anyhow, since I'm new, and screwed up, Veronik was a doll and helped me to just frog the heel on the new socks I'm making. I didn't want to frog anymore than that - so she showed me how to stick your needle in a couple of rows back and then pull out the stitches. Works well. I'm happy. I was obviously distracted at some point and well, made an error when doing a short row heel and there was a hole. Wanted to fix that up and start over, but didn't want to frog the entire heel. I will post pictures soon, as soon as I'm out of school for this semester and I finish turning my heel (which I started again tonight).

I had to skip off at 10pm, as I had to still type up my information for my breastfeeding pamphlet (which I think looks great by the way). I just needed to spell check and do a last few things. And now I'm off to bed.

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