Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dragged Out of The House - Worth It!

This morning I showed the apartment to this girl named Micheline at noon. She was coming to check it out for her brother. Well - her brother is 18 this summer, and is graduating high school in Mont-Tremblant and wants to move to Montreal. He has worked since he was 13, and now has been running a grocery store for a couple of years. Obcviously not full time - since he's still a student. Anyhow - it's for him, and his 2 x 18 year old friends. UHM - NO. Oh my! I can't believe the type of people that I am attracting. SERIOUSLY. This is NOT cool. Who are these YOUNG people, and why can't I get mature older people to rent my place??? I am having such bad luck. I really hope that the guy from yesterday pans out - or even worse comes to worse - the 3 x 21 year old students are better than 3 x 18 year olds! You know? Anyhow, I will re-post and ad on Craigslist once I get back from Vegas - and hope something comes out of this! I really don't want to have to spend money and place an ad in the Montreal Gazette. Spending money is not what I want to do for this. You know?

I had sent Angela an email - as I wasn't feeling too well - and she did not get it - so she showed up at my house around 12:20 and she, along with her boyfriend J.F. convinced me to get off my ass and go knitting downtown with them. If I would have stayed at home, I would have vegged in front of the TV/Computer all day, and wasted the day away. Not what I wanted to do. Sooooo... I agreed to going out - grabbed some yarn and some needles and left my house. Jamie was having a friend over anyhow, to watch hockey playoffs today.

Today at the Knitting Meetup - that Angela and her boyfriend J.F. dragged me out of the house for, I swatched up my Gedifra Donatella. I LOVE what it gives after swatching.

I had a really good time at the knitting meeting. I got to meet the famous Deawn. What a hysterical woman. She told us stories about knitting in the nude - working in a mortuary. That takes courage. What a woman! Check out her blog for other stories.

After Knitting Downtown, I had to make a stop at Walmart. I was with Angela and JF, who came with me in my car (left JF's car at my house - it was stupid to take 2 cars downtown. I was in the mood to drive, so I offered - even if it was pouring rain). I had to stop at Walmart to pick up plastic for Jamie, so that he can cover a pile of rocks on the side of our house while we're away in Vegas. He wanted to protect them from the rain, and also, from blowing over onto the Rabbi's side of the driveway - we want no complaints. (You know?)

Anyhow, so - Angela and I walked out of Walmart with free cotton yarn. (We're BOTH not complaining).

Here's what happened. The yarn was on sale at 5.50$. Had a sticker on it for 5.50$. However, it scanned at the cash at 7.47$ - it's original price (for the big ball of cotton yarn) Anyhow, in Quebec, it's a law, that if an item under 10$ scans at a higher price than what it's advertised for - then it's free for the customer. (If it's over 10$ and this happens - then you get 10$ off the item.

That was all Angela was planning on buying - so she walked out of there with free yarn. I bought 2 other balls - that actually scanned at 5.50$ - so those I had to pay for - amongst some other items that I was purchasing. I am not complaining. Free Cotton Yarn. What a deal! I have a ton of dishcloths that I want to whip up!

So - in retro spect, it was WORTH being dragged out of the house today. REALLY!

This evening we ordered Tasty Food Pizza and watched Sopranos and Big Love on HBO. I taped Grey's Anatomy but it was some sort of recap show or something, so I watched the first few minutes, realized what it was and turned it off.

Going to go crawl into bed with Jamie. Got the dentist tomorrow and a million things to do!

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