Sunday, April 16, 2006

Slack Weekend

I found this image on the internet when searching for images for my pamphlet on breastfeeding that is due on Thursday. Anyhow, it's really odd, if you ask me. I don't think I'd ever want to see my child like that when pregnant. You know what I mean? Odd. Really odd.

I decided against doing any homework all day today. I probably should have, but didn't want to. I did a little bit of cleaning, and surfing the web. I organized a bit here, and a bit there.

By the time the evening rolled around, I was REALLY bored. But, I did NOT want to do a stitch of homework. I even went through my wardrobe and started pulling out everything I HATE and don't wear - which was a lot. Maybe I can start becoming a minimalist when it comes to clothes. I have my favourites that I wear - and that's all... I don't need anything more, now do I? Purses and shoes on the other hand - those I love. Because they don't make you look fat! HA HA.

Going to go watch Sopranos and Big Love with Jamie. And then crawl into bed, and maybe make a baby?

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