Thursday, April 06, 2006

CraigList & Welcome to My World

This morning I discovered CraigList and listed my apartment for rent on there. All of a sudden I started receiving emails about the apartment for rent. This may be a good thing afterall! I had never known about craiglist before, but now all of a sudden, people are talking about it and I decided to check it out.

This morning I started working on a project for my Quark Express class - in which we are putting together a "petite pochette" that is called "Welcome to My World". I dicussed with the teacher doing something about my "knitting" and she totally loved the idea. By next week I need to come up with three different ways of showing my world, and then she will pick the best one for me to go with. I started surfing the web for styles of knitting pictures, and have come up with some pretty good stuff. I'm very impressed, very happy with my research and my brainstorming.

Today was a very long day. I was at school from 7:30 am for my 8 am class and stayed until almost 5:30pm (when I should have been there until 6:30pm). We had a make-up class for our typography class as we had 2 to make up and today was make-up class number 1. (The next one is in 2 week and if we hand in our assignment that is due at the beginning of the class then we don't have to stay after we're done her written exam).

I left early because I wasn't feeling well at all.

After leaving class, I went straight to get my purse fixed at the hand bag shop near my house. I went in and he fixed it for me right away, no problems, and now there is apparently a thicker sturdier zipper - from what I gather, on my purse. While I was in the bag repair shop, some asshole came and double parked behind me, blocking me into a single parking spot. Basically my car was surrounded by a car behind me and 3 brick walls, but half walls - not full walls - just about the height up to my knees about. I sat in my car for 25 minutes until buddy decided to emerge from where he had gone, blocking me in. I had no idea who the person was who owned this car - so I couldn't even start looking for them to move their car. WHAT ANNOYANCE! I was soooo mad. Sitting in my car I was really pissed off. I even tried honking a couple of times, but didn't really get that far doing so.

Did some errands then came home. Ordered Tasty Food's Pizza with Jamie for dinner (had my whole wheat green pepper pizza with low fat cheese) and we just chilled at watched some TV. Half way through Survivor Jamie's uncle called - so Jamie had to leave to go pick up something from his house not too far from us - and so, I ran out to the post office.

When we both got back - we watched a bit of American Inventor, which is really funny - flipping back and forth from the hockey game to that. We actually WON tonight! We kicked Ottawa butt's big time - the best team in our conference! What a game. After those two were finished, we watched the rest of Survivor and then CSI.

Now I'm off to bed.

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