Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Geisha Progress

As promised, a progress report on my Geisha drawing for my Adobe Illustrator Class.

This is the image we have to "trace" - too bad we can't use live trace! Ha ha - Wouldn't that be easy - but the teacher would know. Live trace uses WAY TOO MANY POINTS - and we have to stay within the range of points that she accomplished the image in. I think the teacher did it in 1346 points.

This is my progress - so far:

Getting there- but not quite done yet. That's what my day off tomorrow is for. I have Peter coming to finish my bathroom floor (finally!) at 8:30 am and then I'm showing the apartment at 10:30 am to some housing agent and some guy's mother - the guy is being transfered from another country and his mom and this agent are trying to find him a place - so maybe that will go great - and I keep getting calls and emails - I just want to get a lease signed already - and not have to worry about having tenants for July 1st anymore! I need that stress off my shoulders.

More later about my day.

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