Friday, April 21, 2006

Spontaneous Hair Cutting

My exam this morning was a joke. But I had previously known that it was going to be a joke. It was 10 questions, and I had them, along with the 10 answers. Two weeks ago (not last week, because last week was Easter Friday and we had no school). I know for sure, that I got 10/10 on that exam. A piece of cake. I knew all 10 answers off by heart, as I studied them. Between last night and this morning.

But now... I'm ALL DONE school until May 1st. I am so relieved, and I'm going to relax and take it easy and HAVE FUN IN VEGAS on Tuesday!!!

Speaking of Vegas, as soon as I pulled out my suitcase - guess who found himself a new sleeping area..... None other than Zeus. (This below, is the red suitcase that Jamie got my for my birthday a couple of years ago)

I spontaneously got a hair cut today. What do you think?

I cut off more than 4 inches. My hair was below my boobies. But now, my hair looks healthier, not all different lengths, and LIGHTER! The guy who cut my hair - and blow dried it - also... what's the word.... thinned out my hair? He used this special comb that cuts, to thin out my heavy hair. I think it looks very cute. He also layered it a bit - so that it gives shape!

When I had gotten to the hair salon, which is next to my grocery store - in the same out door strip mall, I had never been there before, so I didn't know what to expect. Anyhow, I got faught over, as three people wanted to cut my hair. 1- an old jewish guy named Shlomo, 2 - this nice hip lady (would probably have preferred she did it) and 3- this really gay morrocain jewish guy named Sam- who owned the place. In reality, I did get bounced between all of them - Shlomo washed my hair and put in a treatment, the hip lady combed out my hair (huge knots, hopefully now that my hair is thinned out and shorter, I won't have that problem?) and then Sam took over. He "appologized" for me being bounced around, even though I didn't really care, but he said it was unprofessional of his people, and I shouldn't be treated that way, etc. I don't know if I will ever go back there. It's conveniently close, but we'll see.

When I was leaving, the hip lady, who had previously (while combing out my hair) told me that she loves my hair colour, asked if it was natural - YES IT IS - I haven't touched my hair (colour) since before I met Jamie and chopped all my hair off (in 2002 I cut it VERY short) and have not colour treated my hair one bit since growing it out).... that she loves and it wants to find a dye to match it to, so she can dye her hair. As I was leaving, SHE SERIOUSLY TOOK A PIECE OF MY CUT OFF HAIR AND PUT IT INTO AN ENVELOPE. HOW NASTY!!!!!!!!!! She was serious about finding a colour to dye her hair similar. Oh my gosh... WEIRD. Maybe I don't want her cutting my hair in the future.....

I have another thing to say about the hair cutting in just a bit... let me continue on in my day.

Got home, Jamie didn't even notice that my hair was cut.... I asked him if he noticed anything different, and he asked me if I got new pants. They actually were my first time wearing them, but huh?? Men. I swear... blind. In the end, after telling him I cut my hair, he noticed. And liked it... even though he loves SUPER LONG HAIR!

I got this purse a while back. LOVE THE COLOUR and Love hobo!

However, I wasn't fond of the sequins on the bag. Not one bit.... Took me about a week, little by little while watching TV, talking on the phone, etc... and I cut each one off.... one by one...

Now, I have a super cute brown bag, that I LOVE. What do you think???
The last picture I have to show today, it the progress on my sock. I am in love with the sockotta yarn that I got in the booty swap from my partner Melissa. I am hoping to find more ... soon! I am still addicted to sock yarn. Very very terrible.

I just turned the heel. Very proud of myself, I've mastered Short Row heels with Wrap & Turn.

This evening, we had our usual gang over for poker, and I actually played tonight. I was actually very impressed with myself, I came in third. It was fun - and it was a practice run for Vegas - not sure I am going to play the tables though - but if I did - it would be Texas Hold'em. I don't really know any other game. I like the slot machines though. LOVE slots. They're fun. They make fun noises. LOL.

So, Jamie's dad and step-mom came over early for dinner, and we made a chicken salad, it was delicious. Fresh BBQ chicken, amazing homemade dressing (I love my mother in law's salad dressing) and we got to talking. I told them about my sponteaneous hair cutting today, while Jamie was out of the room, and Jamie's father turns to me and says. "Robyn, did you know that Jami's mom cut a lot of her hair off the day she found out she was pregnant with Jamie?"

Jamie's step-mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday. (June 16th - still a month and three weeks). Hmm, that's a very good question. What do I want for my birthday? I am really NOT sure. I will have to get back to her on that one. I already asked Jamie for a vaccum cleaner - We have a vaccum cleaner, it's just old and falling apart. I'm waiting until we run out of bags for it - and then I'm getting a new one. One that will work 100% of the time and pick up EVERYTHING! (And won't smell like burned carpet!)

Ok, I'm going to go watch some TV and knit. Jamie's playing game two right now (I only played game one)... but there was no way I had the attention span for two games tonight. Goodnight.

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